Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sonny and Cher: Not What It Seemed

Parade Magazine recently published the following from Cher:

"CHER considered suicide after learning the truth about her husband SONNY BONO's womanising ways.
The superstar now feels she and her former partner should never have been husband and wife - and his secret affairs made her miserable.
She tells Parade magazine, "Stardom made Sonny a huge womaniser. One woman, or even five, was not enough for him. I found all this out afterward. I asked him, 'How did you manage the logistics?'
"I was trusting and faithful with him. The truth is, I'm not so sure we should've ever been husband and wife."
Feeling trapped and depressed, she considered taking her own life in the early 1970s: "I thought about jumping off a hotel balcony. Then I thought, 'No, I can just leave him'. When I told Sonny, he said, 'If you leave me, America will hate you and you won't have a job.'
"I went, 'You know what, Sonny? I just don't care!'"
Here's one of my favorite videos.  Sonny Bono running for Mayor of Palm Springs:

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