Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Kim

To make things worse for Teresa Giudice. Kim Granatell is waiting to scoop off Teresa's treasures. What a bitch. She wormed her way onto the Housewives of NJ. Then she turns against Danielle, whom she was using. Then she got to bitch at Danielle on the Reunion Show. I really think there's something wrong upstairs with Kim. She insinuates herself into these imaginary friendships. And further, I think she's hot to trot. If the show comes back next year I hope she's not on it.

"By Courtney Ryan

Teresa Giudice's Bankruptcy May be Kim Granatell's Treasure

Teresa Giudice and Kim Granatell don't seem to have anything in common except one thing - their home decor taste. After filing for bankruptcy, Teresa and Joe Giudice have decided to auction their "fabulous" possessions on October 3rd. The couple currently has over ten million dollars of debt. Seems like Teresa may be suffering from a shopping problem.

Well, don't fret because Kim Grantell is planning to scoop up the Giudice's treasures. Kim is a NJ housewife wannabe and loves to get on camera, but in this case she deserves it. According to Radar Online, Kim is planning to buy many of the Giudicie's items and re-sell them on Ebay. The profits will then be donated to Emmanuel Cancer Charity. Surely seems like a worthy cause." [Well, isn't she wonderful!]

"The Giudice's auction is already getting a lot of hype and may end up as the place to be on October 3rd. I'm sure Teresa will make it seem like another party and Joe will sit there groaning the entire time. Poor guy.

The couple has never openly admitted that they have problems and on Teresa's most recent Bravo TV blog she wrote," Well this has been an interesting week as far as press goes. I’ve never had so many untrue stories written about me at one time! I haven’t given a comment to anyone in the press. I’m not going to comment on rumors or lies. " Way to ignore the question Teresa. Don't worry, we still like you and your jerseylicious self."

Teresa Giudice's Problems Mount

The following is from Reality Tea about Teresa and her husband and more to come.


Report: NJ Housewives’ Joe Giudice Cheated On Wife Teresa Giudice
27 Oct 2010

We reported two days ago that Joe Giudice started a brawl by punching his brother-in-law at the Christening ceremony of his wife Teresa’s nephew, well it now seems there might have been good reason for Joe’s misplaced anger.

Teresa Giudice, star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, graces this week’s issue of Life & Style magazine under the title, “Betrayed By Her Man.” The magazine cover (a bigger photo is below) goes on to state: ‘Teresa’s Sleazy Husband Caught With Another Woman.’

According to Life & Style, Joe has been leading a secret, double life – filled with regular visits to strip clubs. A former dancer at the Showoffs strip club in West Orange, NJ tells the mag that Joe was a regular at the strip club before it was closed down in 2006 amid accusations of prostitution.

“He was always up for a lap dance,” reveals the insider. “There was a lot of hanky-panky that went down in the club’s basement… If you had money, you could get pretty up close and personal with the strippers.”

Joe was also allegedly a regular at another NJ bar called the Latin Bar. A source says “there was one particular waitress Joe really liked there.” The insider recalls, “She was from the Dominican Republic, about 5 feet tall with big breasts and long, dark hair. Joe would always make sure that wherever he was, he could be back in Paterson on a Friday night so he could see her.”

And finally, Life & Style reports that Joe developed a very close relationship with a “young female staffer” who wasn’t “qualified” for the job back at his former real estate development office. Sources reveal that Joe called his upstairs office the “boom boom room,” and that when he tried to give away his couch, no one would take it.

When contacted by the magazine for a comment, Teresa maintains that her marriage is strong. “I have a great husband,” she tells Life & Style. “I wake up every morning and I’m like, ‘Thank you, God.’”

Magazines usually contact their story subjects to get their statement on the story they’re doing about before the issue hits the press, so there’s a good chance Joe and Teresa knew this story was coming days ago.

More details about Joe’s alleged sleazy ways in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. The cover photo is below.

NJ Housewife Teresa Giudice’s Husband & Her Brother Trade Punches At Baby’s Christening
25 Oct 2010

Just when you thought the Giudices could not get any trashier, RadarOnline is reporting today that Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice did just that at a baby’s christening over the weekend. The story you are about to read is insanity squared.

According to Radar, the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars single handedly started an all out brawl at the Christening ceremony for the son of Teresa’s brother and sister-in-law Joe and Melissa Gorga. If you recall, Melissa, whom Teresa absolutely hates and does not get along with, has been added as a cast member to the Bravo hit show, must to Teresa’s dismay.

The drama began at the Gorgas’ Sunday Christening ceremony for their son, you know, the same son Danielle Staub accused Teresa of not acknowledging. Teresa attended the church ceremony without husband Joe, but following the baptism, she and Joe along with their four daughters, arrived an hour late to the reception ceremony which took place at The Manor restaurant in West Orange, NJ.

As the Bravo cameras rolled, Teresa walked up to her brother Joe Gorga to congratulate him and he said in an upset tone: “Now you want to congratulate me after all this time? Now you want to be nice to me? Your husband didn’t even come to the church and you show up an hour late!” a source tells Radar.

Teresa attempted to play dumb and simply responded with, “I just wanted to say hi and congratulations.” However due to the bad blood between the siblings, a verbal argument ensued during which Joe Giudice got involved, leading to a physical altercation between him and Teresa’s brother Joey.

“There were punches, vulgarity. It was like a scene out of a movie,” another source tells Radar of the fight. “Guests were also screaming at the Bravo cameras to get out of there.” With over 100 people in attendance, family members and most of the guests tried to help break up the fight.

Shirts were ripped and Joe Giudice, who might or might not be a midget himself, reportedly yelled at one point to the people holding him back: “I’ll kill that f**king midget!” Another source adds, “Joey Gorga and Joe Giudice were like animals. It was complete chaos.”

Teresa’s father was reportedly extremely upset and yelling for them to stop fighting in Italian. Teresa kept telling her father: “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything,” says a source. At some point, Teresa was yelling at Melissa and Melissa’s sisters got involved. “They also got into a physical altercation with Teresa, who was fighting back. Joe Giudice’s father punched one of Melissa’s brother-in-laws in the face and he was bleeding,” the source said.

Melissa and the guests were reportedly mortified by the barbaric behavior. A family friend at the party tells Radar that “Melissa is disgusted and humiliated. Her heart is broken for her son on his christening day.” Most of the guests were reportedly angry that their kids were traumatized and left with their gifts.

“Teresa’s children Gia and Gabriella were hysterically crying,” says a source. “Melissa’s daughter Antonia was also upset. Kids were running around crying, screaming and hiding.”

The family friend adds that “It was a special day; it was going wonderfully and perfectly and Teresa lost her mind and wanted to make it about her and does what she does best. She couldn’t stand all eyes on the Gorga family. It was similar to the Posh runway show situation [that aired on Bravo] where she started a fight with Danielle [Staub].”

Wowzers! WTF is wrong with these people? And for some odd reason, Teresa continues to wonder why people refer to her as trashy. It seems her contract dispute with Bravo is over as filming has started on the 3rd season of the show. Melissa hasn’t updated her twitter account in days and Teresa, who did not tweet all of yesterday, seems to be in damage control mode as she has spent the last 30 minutes tweeting photos of her daughters in their Halloween costumes, with zero mention of this incidence.


UPDATE – Melissa Gorga posted the following on her twitter page – “Thank you all so much for your support, The day started out beautifully, I can’t stop looking at my son, I’m still in shock….”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Man

One of my favorite writers is Gore Vidal. He had spats with 2 other notable men, one William Buckley, JR, who called him a queer (making 2 syllables out of the word) on TV in 1968 and Bobby Kennedy. Although it dogged his life, I found the funniest anecdote in Vidal's Palimpsest, his first memoir, about him and Bobby Kennedy.

The story goes, there was a party at the White House and Gore Vidal was invited. There were a series of rooms in which guests talked and drank. Gore went into a room where Jackie was. He squatted down, as there were no empty chairs, and rested his hand on Jackie's left shoulder. They began to speak, but the person to her right got her attention. All of a sudden someone knocked his hand off Jackie's shoulder. He looked up. It was Bobby Kennedy who just kept walking. Gore was able to get Jackie's attention again, resting his hand on her shoulder for balance. The person to her right again spoke to her, so Jackie turned to listen. Again, someone knocked Vidal's hand off Jackie's shoulder. It was Bobby Kennedy who left the room.

Gore got up and followed Kennedy. He made sure the door was closed behind him, and the one across the way was already shut. It was just he and Bobby in a hallway. Gore, who towered over Kennedy, said, "Don't you ever do that to me again." To which Bobby replied, "Fuck off, Buddy Boy." To which one of America's Man of Letters heard himself reply, "You fuck off." Gore added no one witnessed this momentous exchange. It got around somehow that Gore was drunk and caused a disturbance at the White House. According to rumor he was thrown out. He claims he left of his own volition with 2 other writers.

Buckley used the fabled incident to say to Gore Vidal on national TV, "I'll punch you in the face -- and you'll stay plastered." As he became more demented, Truman Capote elevated this to the Secret Service picking up Gore physically and depositing him on Pennsylvania Ave!

Jackie never spoke to him again after that party, which is sad. They were stepbrother and stepsister once removed. She used to use his room and wear one of his flannel shirts when she felt chilly. After she died, he published Palimpsest and said a lot of flattering things about her, specifically, her intelligence.

About 15 years ago there was a 2-hour special about Gore Vidal. I wished I had taped it. He was still handsome. And in 2 scenes I saw him drunk. But he was a happy drunk, so it almost doesn't matter. In one scene he was in the back of a limo, on the right, with the photographer apparently on the left jump seat. His dear companion of decades past sang out "New York, New York" loudly and unabashedly. When the concert ended, Gore Vidal looked at the camera and said, "Do you see why I like him? He was the first person I ever met who had a college degree." (Yes, future writers/historians, Gore Vidal never went to college.)

In another scene Gore sat with Susan Sarandon and others in a bar, ridiculing some personage in a descriptive manner, much in the way he writes -- parenthetical phrases (like this one).

The close relationship he enjoyed with Johnny Carson surprised me. They were very close. Gore, of course, speaks eloquently; and Carson hosted a talk show. So no mystery there.

The only thing I really disagree about Gore's look on the world is when he's asked who was the worst President to ever hold office. He says time and again, John Kennedy, with whom he was friendly. Kennedy liked Hollywood gossip and Vidal could provide this.

Anyway, Gore Vidal blames John Kennedy for bringing us closest to nuclear annihilation. Gore should read Brothers by David Talbot. He will see how isolated the Kennedy Bros were from their Joint Chiefs of Staff. These top military officials were telling Kennedy to bomb Cuba. Kennedy did not do what they wanted. And they argued for it. Anyone with brains knew if you bombed Cuba, Russia would probably bomb us and it would be over. Kennedy fought against nuclear war. He was using back channels to deal with Castro and Kruschev. He wasn't going into Viet Nam. He felt other countries should fight their own battles within reason. He didn't want to go Global. He didn't want to emulate Nazi Germany, which during the Third Reich set out to rule the world. He wanted America the way the Constitution decreed. No New World Order.

The 2 cruel and Catholic Diem Bros of South Viet Nam were murdered and North Viet Nam, a Communist country, wanted to take over the South. That Kennedy would not send troops to Viet Nam angered the Vatican. It was the Domino Theory. No matter that Kennedy was Roman Catholic. He was killed 2 weeks after the Diem Bros.

So that's my issue with Gore Vidal, who's now in a wheelchair; and who published a large book of photos his friend took of their lives together over the decades. (The wealth! The opulence!)

Maybe Jackie didn't want to talk to someone who said her slain husband made the worst President. (And the best, according to Gore Vidal was Lincoln.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Libby Holman Body and Soul

Libby Holman
Libby Holman was a torch singer in the 1920s and 1930s. She was considered a beauty and a great songstress. She earned a lot of money.

Libby married into the Reynolds tobacco family. She was Smith Reynolds' second wife and she was kept secret for awhile. 8 months after they wed, they threw a big party. During the party, Holman's new husband was found dead by a gunshot to the top of his head. It was discovered that Libby was having an affair with her husband's secretary, Ab Walker. A trial ensued which attracted a lot of curiosity seekers. But no evidence supported that either Holman or his secretary killed Reynolds.
A book was written about Libby in the 1980s. The biographer believed that an argument ensued between the 3 of them and they were trying to get the gun out of Reynold's hands. In an awkward position the gun discharged and hit Reynolds in the top of the head. After the trial she and Ab Walker never saw each other again.

It was found that Libby was pregnant. Smith Reynolds first wife also had a baby. Libby gave birth to a little boy, Christopher "Topper" Reynolds. She wished to waive all rights to the Reynold's fortune, including her son's claim on the fortune. In an article about Holman from Time Magazine, the writer describes the infant from Smith Reynolds' first marriage, Zachary Smith Reynolds Jr., as "picayune" because he was born prematurely and weighed only 3+1/2 pounds. He too had a claim to the fortune, even though he was "picayune." (I just thought it funny the way they used language in 1933). Later, she adopted 2 other boys.

Holman now had a great deal of notoriety. She would have parties on the grounds of her estate and get drunk and get up to sing. Actor Montgomery Clift often attended these parties and was close friends with Holman; some say lovers. She figured a lot in Monty's biograpyhy, as did Elizabeth Taylor.

Holman was called The Black Widow. Libby was bisexual. Her lover was Louisa Carpenter, a millionairess member of the DuPont family. Many people believed Holman was part black. She loved it. When she would sing, there'd be boos and catcalls. People weren't ready for her and her scandalous life yet.

One time she went to someone's party and began talking to Greta Garbo (herself very secretive); Garbo's companion -- don't know who -- began to ask Libby about her first husband's death, calling her The Black Widow. Garbo, embarrassed, apologized for her companion's rudeness. But Libby had to deal with this image always. She married again, 2 times. Her son Topper, 18, died while climbing Mount Whitney. Eventually Libby gave up and killed herself in "Treetops," her Connecticut estate. Servants found her nearly dead in her Rolls Royce. She died later of carbon monoxide poisoning. The coroner ruled it a suicide. She was suffering from depression over the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Friends believe she was murdered or at least had misgivings. While she had a lethal amount of carbon dioxide in her and was legally drunk, the ignition was turned off. Also she had a garage door that you had to manually open and it was too hard for her to shut or open the heavy door.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sylvia Plath's Most Powerful Reading of Her Poem "Lady Lazarus"

Yesterday I was cleaning up and I came across a poem I wrote 14 years ago.  That got me interested in the poets and I decided to provide a link to Sylvia Plath, reading her own poem, "Lady Lazarus."

This woman was sick with depression and had attempted suicide before.  Her poem describes that attempt during her college years.

The poem I found that I had written had nothing to do with depression.  It just made me want to hear the poets of my time.  Sylvia Plath gives a great reading of her poem at the link above.  Next here is a biography of the "other woman."  Cutting to the chase, she lived with poet Ted Hughes, killed their daughter and took her own life.  Fun read. I ordered the book myself.Today (Oct 27) I received the book. I will write a review when I'm finished reading it. But the real story is it came in a hardcover with the dust jacket -- brand new! Never read! And here's the bestpart: it only cost one cent. Of course you have to pay shippig. But this is the greatest bookstore, as well as other products they carry. And I'm talking about

Update: I bought the book and am reading it now.  It came right away in perfect condition; looked like it had never been read.  Brand new.  It cost $0.01.  You can't do better than that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Put the Blame on Mame, Boys

Never did anyone look more beautiful than Rita Hayworth in the movie Gilda (1948). Near the beginning of the film, her husband, owner of a tropical night club, brings in Glenn Ford to meet his wife. Before entering her boudoir, her husband asks, "Are you decent"? "Me"? Rita replies. As she does so she straightens up and lets her long red wavy hair tumble backwards. Glenn Ford stops in his tracks. But I won't give you more of the plot. In that scene she's probably the most beautiful woman ever photographed. Her hairstyle was much copied by other actresses: Marilyn Monroe, starting out in Hollywood; and Bette Davis (All about Eve 1950) to name two. But neither of these women wore the style as lusciously as Rita did. I suspect some of the curls were fake (like today's extensions) and sprayed into place.

Later, Rita sings and sways to "Put the Blame on Mame," one of the most provocative numbers ever seen.  Even Monroe never danced like that (though she had better legs than any dancer of her time). Monroe sang, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," but it didn't equate to this. And I believe Rita's voice here is not dubbed. She sings the song with an acoustic guitar in one scene.

Gilda had a behind-the-scenes secret. Hayworth underwent a recent cesarean section. It left scar tissue on her abdomen, which they tried to cover up in the movie.  In many scenes she holds a coat or stands behind a couch. But the dress she wore during her number displayed a large bow on the side of her abdomen and the way it was styled the bow and the slit concealed Hayworth's "puff."  Jean Louis designed the dress.

When the movie comes on don't miss it. It wields a suspenseful plot and a love story.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bob Dylan's Indignation

This is a very weirdly intellectual, though almost adolescent, discourse from Bob Dylan back in the day. He knows what he's saying only he's telling it in a new way. He gives off an angry/self-important side of himself. Where does that come from? Why is it there? And he does it like no one else I've ever seen. He seems to have contempt for most things, especially Time Magazine, who is interviewing him. Here's part of that interview. I would call it "Indignation." So here's "Indignation."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9

Today would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday.

When I look back on my life, I realize that I have already lived most of it. Yet in all these years nothing impacted my life more than the Beatles. And I know no happenstance in the future will equal it.

I still remember the cover photo of the first Beatle magazine I bought. McCartney was my favorite Beatle. According to the Beatle magazines, Paul McCartney had black hair, hazel eyes, was 5'11, his favorite color was blue (which then became my favorite color) and his ideal woman was Brigitte Bardot. I slept with a photo of Paul McCartney next to me in bed during the whole of Beatlemania.

So it puzzles me. What did the Beatles do to deserve what happened to them -- John Lennon shot and killed; George Harrison stabbed 10 times and developing lung cancer? They gave pleasure to the world and their celebrity attracted the weirdos and the right-wingers.

One thing I don't think people know: John Lennon loved Ringo. He said he would help Ringo, should he need it, and see that he wants for nothing. After Lennon's death, I saw Ringo on TV giving 3 different interviews. In all these newsclips he is visibly drunk. Who could blame him? (He is now a recovering alcoholic.)

John Lennon at 70. What would he be like? Would he use Botox? Would he be reed-thin, as he was when he died? Would he still be composing?

Are people aware there's a statue of John Lennon in a little park in Cuba because of the song "Imagine"? The Utopia sounds like communism and is my least favorite song of his. But I remember John as courageous and funny and sharp and good-looking; and a great song writer, dancer and poet. This next anecdote makes me laugh when I think of it. He's in an elevator with the rest of the Beatles and their wives/girlfriends and Brian Epstein. Epstein asks, "I finished writing my memoir but I don't know what to call it," and John says, "How about 'Queer Jew'"? It does sum up Brian Epstein, though in a negative way. Without batting an eyelash.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bianca Jagger - Legendary Women

To me, Bianca Jagger is the classiest woman alive.  She has dedicated her life to Human Rights.  I recall in Texas in the '90's, she stood outside a prison where there was going to be an execution that night.  She is against the death penalty and was representing Amnesty International.  Geraldo Rivera  covered the story.  He swung from one opinion to another  -- opposite ends, depending upon whom he was talking to that hour.  He noticed Bianca Jagger.  He was facing the camera and asked her a question.  She immediately turned around and faced the camera directly and gave her opinion to the people at home, turning her back on Rivera.  I personally enjoyed that.  Soon Geraldo would announce on his CNBC show that  -- appropos of nothing  -- that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy and there was no conspiracy; shaking his head like conspiracy believers in this death were crazy and unfortunate.  Thus, Geraldo became a CIA media asset and was awarded a new role on a different station as foreign coorespondent in the Afghanistan war, which he announced a week later.  President Kennedy, he said, was shot from behind by one man only  -- Lee Harvey Oswald. 

If you want to know more about Kennedy's death, go to Simkins JFK Debate and read the Forum.  Or there's  I thought I knew all about Kennedy's Assassination when I first came upon these forums.  I didn't, although I believed in conspiracy.

Bianca's found herself in dangerous situations.  For many years she couldn't go back to Nicaragua because of the political climate  -- an understatement.  Here is a video of a short speech she gave for the Legendary Women convention.  She began to describe her own role model.  I knew she would say   Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Bianca lives primarily in London now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mob-related Manzos

It seems that Caroline and Dina have married into a family with ties to the underworld.  I just found this out from the NY Daily News, April 2009.  Caroline's father-in-law, "Tiny" (he was very fat) Manzo was killed Mafia style years back and they never found the perpetrator.  His arms and legs were wrapped in plastic and he was shot.  Tiny was found stuffed in the trunk of his Lincoln Continental.  So my informer was right.  They are tied to mobsters.  The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ, was run by Tiny.  Tiny was known to be a character.  Now his 2 sons run the Brownstone.  The murder had something to do with the Gambinos, people think.

Here's an article from the Bergen Record written in 1994.  Tiny died in 1983:


Staff Writer

Diabetes didn't kill Albert "Tiny" Manzo -- four bullets did.

In fact, the cause of death was about the only aspect of the 1983 murder of the popular Paterson restaurateur that was not cloaked in mystery.

Police who discovered Manzo's naked, 350-pound body stuffed inside the trunk of his Lincoln Continental in Hillside immediately noticed two things out of the ordinary: Manzo's massive arms and legs had been wrapped in plastic, and his chest was ripped open with a quartet of gunshot wounds.

Nevertheless, Manzo's diabetes is the reason an insurance company is refusing to pay off on a $500,000 life insurance policy taken out shortly before the murder.

Although Manzo's death obviously was unrelated to that condition, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. contends that his failure to admit to his diabetes on an insurance application amounted to fraud and that the insurance contract therefore should be rescinded.

A sometimes skeptical state Supreme Court panel heard arguments in the case Tuesday and is expected to rule in the next several months.

The trial court that heard the case ruled in favor of Massachusetts Mutual. But in June 1989, the Appellate Division of Superior Court reversed that judgment. In a 2-1 decision, the Appellate Division said that Manzo's heirs should receive the full amount of the policy less a higher premium -- about $3,000 rather than $1,300 -- that he would have been charged had the company known about his diabetes.

Writing in dissent to that appellate ruling, Superior Court Judge David Landau said that Manzo had committed a form of fraud and that the missing information would "naturally and reasonably influence" Massachusetts Mutual's decision to issue a policy.

However, in his arguments Tuesday before the Supreme Court, a lawyer for the company conceded that Manzo would have been issued a policy -- at the higher premium -- even if he had disclosed his diabetes. But attorney Eugene Haring argued that it would be "insurance by hindsight" for the court to uphold life insurance policies based on false applications, requiring only that the premiums be adjusted retroactively.

A rule of law that does not require truthful answers on insurance applications will encourage people to lie about their medical histories, Haring said. That could lead to the issuance of policies -- or unrealistically low premiums -- to high-risk candidates, with the end result being higher insurance costs for everyone, he said.

But Justice Robert L. Clifford seemed skeptical. He wondered why, if Manzo's estate pays the higher premium, would it be unfair to require Massachusetts Mutual to make good on a policy that it admittedly would have issued even if it had known about Manzo's diabetes.

Relying on a misrepresentation about diabetes to get out of paying life insurance on a man who was shot to death smacks of the company saying "ah -- we finally found a way out of this lousy case," Clifford said.

Michael Chazkel, a lawyer for the Manzo family, argued that it would not be an undue burden on the insurance industry to require companies to honor policies where a misrepresentation on the application was "innocent" and where the policy would have been issued even without the false statement.

Manzo, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Paterson in 1974, applied for the policy June 8, 1983, and underwent a required physical exam three weeks later. He paid a $200 deposit toward the policy on July 24.

Manzo disappeared in mid-August of that year while traveling from one of his two Paterson restaurants toa meeting in Wayne. Police found his body Aug. 22 inside the trunk of his car, which was parked at a Hillside supermarket.

The murder was never solved. The Union County prosecutor and police investigators speculated that Manzo was killed as a result of involvement with organized crime figures. One theory is that he angered local mob figures by attempting to open an illegal gambling club in Paterson without their permission.

Ironically, the friendly and gregarious Manzo had based his mayoral campaign on a law-and-order platform, promising to hold public hangings in the yard of the Passaic County Jail.

Manzo's wife and sons still run the Brownstone Restaurant in Paterson. His son Albert said the family is doing fine, although it would be nice for his mother's sake if the high court orders the insurance company to pay the $500,000.

"We are going to be here for a long time, with or without it," he said.

Copyright 1994 Bergen Record Corp.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jerry Lewis' dance talent

Jerry is a great dancer. Here is the dance sequence of Jerry in Cinderfella. Jerry loved Count Basie and in this dance you'll see he has a movement for every note.  When the dance ends Jerry runs up the stairs looks to his right and left and disappears.  Stella Stevens (who'd be making The Nutty Professor with him) was standing there and said Jerry just passed out in front of her.  Apparently he suffered a heart attack.  But he came back to work a few days later.