Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heather Mills McCartney

Heather Mills McCartney, ex-wife of Beatles' Paul McCartney, allegedly claimed that she spent most of the $48.6 million divorce money she got from ex-husband Paul McCartney in 2008. And that was a year ago.

“Most of it’s been given to charity, gone into businesses or paid for a couple of ­properties for my daughter’s future,” she told the Daily Express. “I could never sit with millions of pounds in the bank that could make matters change.”

The British newspaper says otherwise and reports that the charities never received any money, all the businesses stalled and she got two homes for free, worth over $12 million!

The divorce settlement also states that their daughter Beatrice, 6, receive $56,000 a year from Paul. Hopefully Heather is putting that away into a piggy bank!

Heather Mills said she blames Sir Paul McCartney's daughter, Stella, in large part, for their divorce.

Mills told Extra:

"Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage. She was so jealous. Stella wasn’t interested in her dad’s happiness. I can’t protect her any longer… she’s done some evil, evil things… We found out she scraped my face out a photo when they were in psychiatric session together.

"The McCartney family is untouchable.”

Mills also claims she has "evidence" of just how "evil" Stella is and keeps this so-called "evidence" in a safe.

Heather has also said that she's not in a serious relationship right now because, "I would not want to put anybody in this situation now."

Paul McCartney at His Best

In England he's Sir Paul McCartney.  But his passive/aggressive side has never waned.  Recently he was asked if he regretted anything about the last decade, now that we're going into 2011.  McCartney answered:

"Marrying one of the most hated women in the 2000's is my biggest regret.  I suppose the marriage has to be the prime contender for the biggest mistake of the decade.  But I don’t want to down anyone.  These things happen you know? But I tend to look at the positive side, which is that I have another beautiful daughter out of it.”

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bravo Network

The station I watch the most is Bravo.  I love all the housewives.  I love Project Runway (now on Lifetime).  I am embedding a video of their's here.


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A fast burner/printer.  Read one person's review above.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrity Lawyer Mickey Sherman Gets Sentenced

My opinion of Mickey Sherman (above) is pretty low.  He "defended" Michael Skakel, convicted of killing Martha Moxley.  At the time Mark.Fuhrman, the cop who may have planted evidence on OJ Simpson (the sock in OJ's bedroom with EDTA in it), wrote a book about the murder of Martha Moxley and accused Michael Skakel of murder.  In due time, Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy, was convicted and sent to prison; and recently lost his appeal for another trial based on new evidence.  But Fuhrman was onto another book.  He "investigated" the Kennedy Assassination.  Guess who killed Kennedy.

Sherman did nothing to help Michael S.  His defense failed.  I believe Michael Skakel is innocent.  The mention of Mickey Sherman's name brought this case to the forefront.

The night of the murder several boys, who happened to be black, sneaked into Greenwich, CT to mess around with the other kids who lived there.  Alcohol made the rounds.  The kids got into the community through the woods.  It was their second visit.  One of these kids might have killed Martha because she fought him off.  There was a golf club there, behind Michael's house, and someone bludgeoned her to death.  So we have a dirth of suspects until these boys show up.  This wasn't mentioned in court.  What was damning was the story Michael told of climbing up a tree to look into Martha's bedroom and masturbating.  He never told anyone that before.  

Then there's the "babysitter."  The Skakels weren't that young that they needed someone older to watch over them.  The night of Martha Moxley's murder was his first night at the Skakel house.  But this man was given full immunity to testify, as he had been a suspect.  He helped convict Michael Skakel, whom I believe is an innocent man.  Dorothy Moxley feels otherwise.  She didn't know about the kids who snuck into the gated community.  Why is it, as Robert Kennedy Jr wrote, that everywhere the "Babysitter" has lived they've found brutal crimes against women, murders unsolved.  Coincidence?  And if the authorities found out that he killed Martha Moxley they can't do anything about it.

In my opinion, Michael Skakel's trial was a "get Kennedy" trial.

Mickey Sherman was sentenced to a year and 1 day in prison.  When he is isolated maybe he'll remember the bad defense job he did regarding Skakel.

We need an ironic ending:  Will Skakel and Sherman share the same cell?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding Dress

That is the most beautiful wedding gown I've ever seen.  I think the first designer to make a wedding dress like that was the late Alexander McQueen.

The photo came from People Mag online, where it says to share it.  I'm sharing it.

When Paris Hilton was sent to jail for a few hours, Al Sharpton had her re-arrested.  He said she was getting special treatment because she was white.  I think she spent 6 days.

When Nicole Richie was arrested for the same offense, where was Al Sharpton?  Didn't hear a peep from him.  Why?  Why did Nicole Richie spend only 6 hours in the same jail?

Because Nicole's father is black, Lionel Richie.  And he's in the music industry.

That is unfair treatment, Sharpton.  And remember Tawana Brawley?  You shoved her under the rug quickly enough.  Whatever happened to her?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bianca Jagger - Another Honorary Doctorate

She truly amazes me.  Bianca was recently at the British Fashion Awards as a presenter and she looked more beautiful than ever.  I think she lost weight.  Probably had some work done.  At East London College, Bianca received an Honorary Degree in Human Rights:

"Doctorate honour for human rights champion Jagger

By Kay Lockett on December 9, 2010 10:54 AM |

AA-Dec9-BiancaJaggerWEB.jpgA forthright champion of human rights across the world, Bianca Jagger was conferred with an honorary doctorate from the University of East London last week. The ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick, has led the charge on a vast number of campaigns in countries from her native Nicaragua to Bosnia, from Iraq to India, often putting her own safety on the line.
She has campaigned in defence of human rights and peace, civil liberties, social and economic justice, the international rule of law and environmental protection for almost 30 years.
She said: "Throughout my 30 years as a human rights, social justice and environment protection advocate, I have defended the rule of law, liberty, due process and judicial review.
"My unwavering belief in these principles has underpinned my work, and been at the heart of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation's campaigns. It is an honour and a privilege to receive a Doctorate in Law from such a distinguished institution. Her foundation is working to develop a legal definition of Crimes Against Present and Future Generations; and a legal framework that will hold accountable corporations committing grave human rights abuses and environmental destruction. The BJHRF is a voice for the most vulnerable members of society: children, women, indigenous people, and prisoners on death row.
Ms Jagger is also a member of the Executive Director's Leadership Council for Amnesty International.
Most recently she has been supporting the Kondh tribe in Orissa, India, in their campaign to protect their sacred Niyamgiri mountain from a proposed bauxite mine.
During the course of her career, Ms Jagger has been recognised with a number of prestigious awards, but this is the first one she has accepted in the UK..."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kelsey and Camille Grammer are divorcing

If the Grammers have not divorced already, they will be. Camille, who's divorcing Kelsey, doesn't seem a bit upset. Yet we're watching her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is having an argument with another Housewife, saying the Housewife (Kyle?) insulted her by saying how surprised she was that so many people showed up somewhere. Kyle said, "All those people showed up and Kelsey wasn't there"! Camille is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Kyle said something that Camille took wrong or Kyle didn't say something right. Sometimes you say awkward things to people and feel embarrassed. Kyle doesn't remember saying that.

Most of the Housewives went to NY to see Kelsey Grammer opening night. He's starring in Cage Aux Folle. He and Camille being apart for at least a year, proved costly. Camille says now that Kelsey is narcissistic. (I knew he'd be fooling around.) Camille is probably expecting a large settlement from him. She has his money; she doesn't need him.  But I just learned there was no pre-nuptual agreement.  She seems to be holding up well.  She's filming a reality show and her husband is 3,000 miles away, a big star with a new girlfriend.  The girlfriend has recently miscarried.  Kelsey is engaged to her before the divorce is final.