Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrity Lawyer Mickey Sherman Gets Sentenced

My opinion of Mickey Sherman (above) is pretty low.  He "defended" Michael Skakel, convicted of killing Martha Moxley.  At the time Mark.Fuhrman, the cop who may have planted evidence on OJ Simpson (the sock in OJ's bedroom with EDTA in it), wrote a book about the murder of Martha Moxley and accused Michael Skakel of murder.  In due time, Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy, was convicted and sent to prison; and recently lost his appeal for another trial based on new evidence.  But Fuhrman was onto another book.  He "investigated" the Kennedy Assassination.  Guess who killed Kennedy.

Sherman did nothing to help Michael S.  His defense failed.  I believe Michael Skakel is innocent.  The mention of Mickey Sherman's name brought this case to the forefront.

The night of the murder several boys, who happened to be black, sneaked into Greenwich, CT to mess around with the other kids who lived there.  Alcohol made the rounds.  The kids got into the community through the woods.  It was their second visit.  One of these kids might have killed Martha because she fought him off.  There was a golf club there, behind Michael's house, and someone bludgeoned her to death.  So we have a dirth of suspects until these boys show up.  This wasn't mentioned in court.  What was damning was the story Michael told of climbing up a tree to look into Martha's bedroom and masturbating.  He never told anyone that before.  

Then there's the "babysitter."  The Skakels weren't that young that they needed someone older to watch over them.  The night of Martha Moxley's murder was his first night at the Skakel house.  But this man was given full immunity to testify, as he had been a suspect.  He helped convict Michael Skakel, whom I believe is an innocent man.  Dorothy Moxley feels otherwise.  She didn't know about the kids who snuck into the gated community.  Why is it, as Robert Kennedy Jr wrote, that everywhere the "Babysitter" has lived they've found brutal crimes against women, murders unsolved.  Coincidence?  And if the authorities found out that he killed Martha Moxley they can't do anything about it.

In my opinion, Michael Skakel's trial was a "get Kennedy" trial.

Mickey Sherman was sentenced to a year and 1 day in prison.  When he is isolated maybe he'll remember the bad defense job he did regarding Skakel.

We need an ironic ending:  Will Skakel and Sherman share the same cell?

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  1. actually Michael told MANY people that he had been masturbating in the tree... READ THE TRANSCRIPT!!