Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Apology

I made an error in naming Danny Provenzano as the man stalking Danielle Staub.  I called Provenzano "Danny Aguilar."  Provenzano is Danielle's true friend.  But it's a Danny Aguilar allegedly extorting $100,000 dollars from her and sending her death threats over the phone.  I will fix this in the relevant post.  Too many Dannys, including Danielle.

Sorry, Danny Provenzano.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Danielle Receiving Threats from the Past

Someone named Danny Aquilar has been allegedly making threats and harassing phone calls to Danielle Staub.  He claims she owes him $100,000 because he bailed her out of jail back in 1986.  And now he allegedly wants it back. 

Almost everyone turns against her, even her ex-con friends.  Karma?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The last episode of Housewives of NJ has aired.  Bravo is showing it 2 more times tonight.

Caroline confronted Danielle.  Her mistake was she should have turned the conversation back to Ashley, see if Danielle would drop the charges.  Instead Caroline began to call her names, that when she said Danielle was "garbage" she still believed it.  She also called her a "clown."  Danielle got a good one in: "You sit there with your red hair and call me a clown?"  Caroline said, "Your whole life is a joke....When I stand I don't stand alone."  -- meaning her family and Danielle being short on family.  Caroline told Danielle her daughters were beautiful.  Caroline showed a nervous smile a couple of times.  Danielle mentioned that friends of the Manzo family were indicted.  Caroline said nothing.  I think Danielle meant mobsters.  Danielle walked out.  Two professional bodyguards, armed with guns, waited for her outside the restaurant.

So  -- It's not over.  And the commercial for the reunion show  --  They get physical and scream at each other.  The commercial is fast and short, but I think I saw Teresa push (Andy Cohen?) the moderator into a chair.  It looked like chaos.  I can't wait.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Danielle Has Hopes

Danielle thinks Bravo will make a spin-off of her alone.  I wonder how that will turn out.  I would tell her: don't hold your breath.  It's how Danielle deals with people that makes this show so watchable.  There are photos from her "sex tape" on the Internet.  The movie, I'm told, is currently on the website of Hustler Magazine.  Kim D., the owner of the boutique, even asked Danielle, "Do you ever lighten up?"  Being friends with her is like taking a blood oath. 

Hold onto your hats.  This Monday is the end of the season.  Danielle and Caroline meet face to face.  It promises to be the best confrontation since Godzilla and King Kong.  Who will win, if anyone?

Reality Show Shocker

According to TMZ and the Huntington Post, Danielle Staub was fired.  She will not be back for season 3.  No other details unfortunately.  She'll be on the reunion show in a couple of weeks.  Danielle is the star of that show.  If she goes, there's no show.  It'll be so boring.  I hope, also, that Kim G. does not come back.  She weasled her way onto that show.  I think she was hoping to become another Housewife.  I hope not.  There's not too much substance to that woman.

Teresa Guidice may not be coming back next season because she feels everyone is looking in her bank account.  The Guidices owe nearly $11,000,000.  They went out and bought a huge amount of furniture and the judge found out.  The interior dwelling is to be auctioned off  -- everything including jewelry, light fixtures, expensive furniture, the kids' beds, their dressers, etc.  I wonder if the Judge wants to auction off the clothes on their backs.  The auction will be held on Oct.3, 2010.  This is the house in Towaco, NJ, not far from where I once lived.  Teresa is going to put her husband in an early grave if she doesn't stop spending.  The guy's working in a pizzeria in Hillside, NJ.  I hope they stay together.  This is a very trying time for the both of them.  No longer will Teresa be able to shop for clothes for the girls 3 times a week, as she once said.  Those little girls are going to be heartbroken.  The go-kart Gia got for her birthday is also in the auction.  I think they're going to find themselves living in Hillside over the pizzeria.  Teresa is starring in a commercial for a nearby tanning salon.  I hope that brings in some revenue.  Will Gia be able to keep modeling?  A car is necessary, but their vehicle's payments haven't been made.  I hate to see someone losing their home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The "Is Marilyn Monroe Smoking Pot?" video

You can watch the video, but if you follow her left hand closely, she is smoking a regular cigarette.  Watch her switch hands and smoke.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Live Beatle Performance in Paris

All the screaming in the theater, and one woman looking
like she was having an epileptic fit. But the song can be
heard. It's "I'm a Loser." And the Beatles seem to be
having fun.  And it's live.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Housewives of NJ

Tonight's show was a rest from the usual goings-on.  Mostly it focused on a trip to Italy with the Manzos, the Lauritas and the Guidices.  Little Adriania already sported pierced ears.  Joe is getting crankier.  I think he has an enormous debt on his mind and Teresa just spends and spends.  He was so tired getting home one night, that he got into a one-car accident.  His truck overturned because he was rounding a corner as he closed his eyes for a yawn.  He hit 3 trees and a pole. 

There will be another new episode next week.  I was glad Kim G. wasn't on.  She's been up to no good from the beginning.  She started yelling at Danielle at Portobello Restaurant and the whole place was laughing.  Danielle left and Kim G. went after her outside, calling her names and screaming.  A bunch of people stood outside the restaurant laughing.  I think Kim G.'s motive is to attract attention to herself.  "I'm in the middle of it here," she tells Jacqueline.  She put herself in the middle of it.  She weaseled her way onto the show.  I hope they don't make her a housewife.  She's an instigator and a traitor.

I enjoyed Teresa's kids tonight.

What will happen next week?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Karyn Kupcinet -- a Grave Side Stroll

The video here shows the graves of Irv Kupcinet, Chicago TV host and Sun-Times columnist; Karyn Kupcinet, actress and her mother Essee.

The maker of this video pronounces "Kupcinet" very oddly. As far as I know Irv pronounced the name kup'si net. He relies on the official version, that she was strangled. But the autopsy we have is no good. The same coroner that worked on Karyn also claimed other women were strangled or something similar. A man was on trial for killing his wife. His lawyer had the wife exhumed. She died from natural causes. They exhumed another woman and found the same thing: not strangulation. Did this trickle back to Irv in Chicago? Los Angeles County couldn't exhume other of the coroner's victims due to no money. Karyn, as you've seen, was buried in Chicago. Irv tried not to talk about his daughter and believed to the end that she was murdered. In the last decade or so, people believe she may have committed suicide. Her body was too far gone to do blood tests for drugs. She was a heavy user of Desoxyn, Amvicel, etc., all amphetamines, Desoxyn being methamphetamine. Two days before her death, she had some prescriptions filled, 100 Desoxyn pills and another amphetamine. The pill bottle of 100 methamphetamines contained nothing. Another prescription had pills missing. Could she have taken 100 meth pills in 2 days? Where did they go? Her apartment looked like it had been ransacked, but the bathroom with all the pills was neat and orderly. Had the murderer been after her drugs? Expensive clothes, like her mink stole, were in view. No jewelry taken. It's a mystery. Would a woman commit suicide in the nude? She was described as being "stretched out" on her stomach. Something wrong, as Dr. Henry Lee said in the OJ Simpson case.

Anyway, this is a nice little tour of the Kupcinet tombstones.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Anniversary

Marilyn Monroe was dead 48 years ago under suspicious circumstances. I believe it was done to snag Bobby Kennedy and bring down the Kennedy Administration. Peter Lawford and a private eye cleaned the place of any involvement between her and the Kennedys.

It came close. About 12 years ago, there was a Marilyn Monroe bio that had a photo of Bobby Kennedy going to church, Aug.5, 1962, in Gilroy, CA at 9:30 am with his wife and some of his kids. Monroe's death was reported at 4:25 am. If anyone knows what book this is in could you contact me in the comments section?

I have spoken to authorities at the church there and the local paper via email. They were very accomodating. There is no mention of Bobby Kennedy having ever been there. I think it's been excised from the papers there; or anything that would cause the Kennedys hardship. But the picture was taken and appeared in a book. I think Kennedy would want to be photographed going to church, even though he was a half-hour late.

As for the President, yes I believe he and Monroe had a fling. They all died violently. I fear that all of this about Monroe (my favorite star) takes away from the research of the Kennedys' death. I think Intelligence, CIA and Cuban Exiles killed the President. It was funded by the Oil Barons. And there were people who knew it was going to happen before it did.

Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald

The above book by John Armstrong is one of the most important books about the Assassination. You can get it at Amazon.com Plus a whole host of books and things.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Episode Next Week

Well, we didn'find out what happened in court with Ashley. But Kim G. showed her true stripes. She admitted to Danielle that she was friends with Danielle's enemies. I don't know what to make of Kim G. Did she insinuate herself onto the show to make friends? Apparently she doesn't have a husband. She deliberately put herself between 2 warring factions. Where are her brains? It's being filmed for TV. Danielle's going to find out!!!

Personally, I think Kim G. is up to no good. I don't see the Guidices or Laritas or Manzos wanting to associate with her. I think above all Kim G. wanted to appear on TV. I hope they don't make a "housewife" out of her. I guess she wanted an exciting social life, living in that big house all alone with her 2 kids. Obviously she's had no plastic surgery. Her youthful outfits don't match her aging face. As a result she looks a little cheapened in her expensive clothes. And I bet they were all new to match her new and exciting life.

Kim G. played with fire. What's in store for her now, considering Danielle's gangster friends? The short, dangerous man, Danny, "Einstein," and his pal, the ex-felon, "Sach" of the Bowery Boys.

I hope they drop Kim G. from the show. As for Danielle, she IS the show.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline makes excuses for all her family and extended family.  They did something wrong, but why did they do it  -- and it was always done with the right motive, just not "delivered" correctly.  Now she's accusing the victim of the attack, Danielle, for starting it.  Caroline wasn't even there.  Teresa chased Danielle through the Country Club and out to the parking lot.  Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, pulled some of Danielle's hair out.  I read she was convicted, but I don't know the sentence the judge gave her.

Ashley is a pretty arrogant kid.  She was probably voted in high school The Most Likely to Land in Prison.  And what's with the knitted hats?

I can't wait for the next episode.  Danielle and Kim G. get into a fight.  And we find out what happened to Ashley in court.