Monday, August 9, 2010

Karyn Kupcinet -- a Grave Side Stroll

The video here shows the graves of Irv Kupcinet, Chicago TV host and Sun-Times columnist; Karyn Kupcinet, actress and her mother Essee.

The maker of this video pronounces "Kupcinet" very oddly. As far as I know Irv pronounced the name kup'si net. He relies on the official version, that she was strangled. But the autopsy we have is no good. The same coroner that worked on Karyn also claimed other women were strangled or something similar. A man was on trial for killing his wife. His lawyer had the wife exhumed. She died from natural causes. They exhumed another woman and found the same thing: not strangulation. Did this trickle back to Irv in Chicago? Los Angeles County couldn't exhume other of the coroner's victims due to no money. Karyn, as you've seen, was buried in Chicago. Irv tried not to talk about his daughter and believed to the end that she was murdered. In the last decade or so, people believe she may have committed suicide. Her body was too far gone to do blood tests for drugs. She was a heavy user of Desoxyn, Amvicel, etc., all amphetamines, Desoxyn being methamphetamine. Two days before her death, she had some prescriptions filled, 100 Desoxyn pills and another amphetamine. The pill bottle of 100 methamphetamines contained nothing. Another prescription had pills missing. Could she have taken 100 meth pills in 2 days? Where did they go? Her apartment looked like it had been ransacked, but the bathroom with all the pills was neat and orderly. Had the murderer been after her drugs? Expensive clothes, like her mink stole, were in view. No jewelry taken. It's a mystery. Would a woman commit suicide in the nude? She was described as being "stretched out" on her stomach. Something wrong, as Dr. Henry Lee said in the OJ Simpson case.

Anyway, this is a nice little tour of the Kupcinet tombstones.

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