Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Housewives of NJ

Tonight's show was a rest from the usual goings-on.  Mostly it focused on a trip to Italy with the Manzos, the Lauritas and the Guidices.  Little Adriania already sported pierced ears.  Joe is getting crankier.  I think he has an enormous debt on his mind and Teresa just spends and spends.  He was so tired getting home one night, that he got into a one-car accident.  His truck overturned because he was rounding a corner as he closed his eyes for a yawn.  He hit 3 trees and a pole. 

There will be another new episode next week.  I was glad Kim G. wasn't on.  She's been up to no good from the beginning.  She started yelling at Danielle at Portobello Restaurant and the whole place was laughing.  Danielle left and Kim G. went after her outside, calling her names and screaming.  A bunch of people stood outside the restaurant laughing.  I think Kim G.'s motive is to attract attention to herself.  "I'm in the middle of it here," she tells Jacqueline.  She put herself in the middle of it.  She weaseled her way onto the show.  I hope they don't make her a housewife.  She's an instigator and a traitor.

I enjoyed Teresa's kids tonight.

What will happen next week?

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