Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Episode Next Week

Well, we didn'find out what happened in court with Ashley. But Kim G. showed her true stripes. She admitted to Danielle that she was friends with Danielle's enemies. I don't know what to make of Kim G. Did she insinuate herself onto the show to make friends? Apparently she doesn't have a husband. She deliberately put herself between 2 warring factions. Where are her brains? It's being filmed for TV. Danielle's going to find out!!!

Personally, I think Kim G. is up to no good. I don't see the Guidices or Laritas or Manzos wanting to associate with her. I think above all Kim G. wanted to appear on TV. I hope they don't make a "housewife" out of her. I guess she wanted an exciting social life, living in that big house all alone with her 2 kids. Obviously she's had no plastic surgery. Her youthful outfits don't match her aging face. As a result she looks a little cheapened in her expensive clothes. And I bet they were all new to match her new and exciting life.

Kim G. played with fire. What's in store for her now, considering Danielle's gangster friends? The short, dangerous man, Danny, "Einstein," and his pal, the ex-felon, "Sach" of the Bowery Boys.

I hope they drop Kim G. from the show. As for Danielle, she IS the show.

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