Friday, August 20, 2010

Reality Show Shocker

According to TMZ and the Huntington Post, Danielle Staub was fired.  She will not be back for season 3.  No other details unfortunately.  She'll be on the reunion show in a couple of weeks.  Danielle is the star of that show.  If she goes, there's no show.  It'll be so boring.  I hope, also, that Kim G. does not come back.  She weasled her way onto that show.  I think she was hoping to become another Housewife.  I hope not.  There's not too much substance to that woman.

Teresa Guidice may not be coming back next season because she feels everyone is looking in her bank account.  The Guidices owe nearly $11,000,000.  They went out and bought a huge amount of furniture and the judge found out.  The interior dwelling is to be auctioned off  -- everything including jewelry, light fixtures, expensive furniture, the kids' beds, their dressers, etc.  I wonder if the Judge wants to auction off the clothes on their backs.  The auction will be held on Oct.3, 2010.  This is the house in Towaco, NJ, not far from where I once lived.  Teresa is going to put her husband in an early grave if she doesn't stop spending.  The guy's working in a pizzeria in Hillside, NJ.  I hope they stay together.  This is a very trying time for the both of them.  No longer will Teresa be able to shop for clothes for the girls 3 times a week, as she once said.  Those little girls are going to be heartbroken.  The go-kart Gia got for her birthday is also in the auction.  I think they're going to find themselves living in Hillside over the pizzeria.  Teresa is starring in a commercial for a nearby tanning salon.  I hope that brings in some revenue.  Will Gia be able to keep modeling?  A car is necessary, but their vehicle's payments haven't been made.  I hate to see someone losing their home.

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