Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tom Cruise

I am so glad that Katie Holmes finally smartened up and got away from Scientology.  She doesn't want that religion brainwashing her daughter.  I live near Clearwater, FL  You can see this in many Scientology videos on youtube.  I have passed their buildings.  They have prime real estate.  They're 2 blocks or so near Clearwater Beach.  These people are nuts.  If you're near their buildings, they take photos of you and videos.  They follow you wherever you go.  They'll go up to your house, all the time filming this.  They bombard you with boxes of Scientology materials everyday.

Katie was young when she married him.  She fell in love.  She wasn't thinking straight.  They had a child.  I hope Katie wins sole custody.  I knew this would happen someday.  Go to youtube to see what she's fighting.  These people are sick and stupid.  And Tom Cruise is a jerk and living inside a sci fi film from the '50's.  This photo is for education on this site and is not for anything else.