Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mickey Rooney at 90

Mickey Rooney has taken a restraining order against his stepson, claiming his stepson withholds food and medicine from him and screams and yells at him. Towards the end of February 2011 they will appear in court.

His stepson, Aber, 52 years old, sounds like he's going through dementia. He has also gotten into Mickey Rooney's finances. He's the son of Mickey's wife, Jan. What shape must she be in? The law has given Rooney a protectorship so his finances and welfare are cared for.

Monday, February 14, 2011

O J Simpson exonerated by F. Lee Bailey

There is a 46 pg document on F. Lee Bailey's site that excludes him from the 2 murders of approximately 16 years ago. I am giving out the link here. Please understand that I wish for people to read this with an open mind.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elvis Perkins

Elvis Perkins is the son of actor Tony Perkins and Berry Berenson. Both parents are dead. Tony died of AIDS in 1992 and his wife Berry was on the "plane" that hit the first building of the WTC. He looks remarkably like his father, but has a better voice.

There is another son, actor Osgood Perkins, named after his grandfather. I think they called him Oz. He too resembles his father and is an actor.

Here is a song written and performed by Elvis Perkins:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Explaining Jerry Lewis

1963 was a rough year for Jerry. His one success was The Nutty Professor. After that he appeared as a replacement for Jack Paar for 2 weeks. He was such a screaming success that the network offered him a multi-million dollar contract to do a Saturday night program, a 2-hour show each week. His first night all these performers and variety show hosts appeared and wished him good luck. Steve Allen (with Karyn Kupcinet), Johnny Carson, and actors like Robert Stack and Jimmy Durante. Jerry was very humbled by it all. But the story goes that that night the producers decided to scrap the show at the end of the year.

President Kennedy was assassinated. They shared a friendship. A girl he brought to Hollywood to make the movie The Ladies Man in 1961, and who was in the audience with Steve Allen, was found dead a week later. Her death went unsolved. Even Cyril Wecht could not call it.

All that fall his wife was pregnant and Jerry kept singing a song from a Broadway Show, "Think Pink." He wanted a little girl. He already had 5 sons. Of course, his wife gave birth to a boy, Joseph, who OD'd on drugs last year. No one knows if it was an accident or not. I don't think Jerry even acknowledged his passing. When Jerry started the Telethon this year, he dedicated it to "all my kids" who died. Was he just talking about the kids with Muscular Dystrophy? At the end of the show he was sobbing so badly I thought he was going to fall off the stool But why?

Anyway,the reason Jerry became "Jerry," the guy who yelled at everyone on the Telethon of years past, was his professional embarrassment over losing that multi-million dollar TV contract. After that Jerry wasn't too funny anymore. He became angry. In the mid-sixties he did a pratfall and badly injured his back. His doctor put him on Percodan, a narcotic. By the 70's he was taking 13 of them a day.

So that's what made Jerry "Jerry."