Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Housewife Rumor Mill

I got this from a reliable source. It's about The Housewives of NJ. This s going to be a "blind item." Someone told me that one of the men is telling a woman he was once involved with that he made a mistake in getting married. Her name, apparently, is Kathy. He sends her roses and seems to be wooing her back. I hope this is untrue (but as I said it did come from a reliable source). Treat it as rumor. When you go on TV and become famous, all kinds of crap comes your way. I remember when Rachel Ray got famous. They tore her apart. Her marriage, everything. Rachel Zoe got famous and they wrote she was anorexic and called her names because she's so thin. They called her a drug addict. They really said horrible things about her, but there's no recourse. They are angry at her for being skinny. You can't win. What price fame?

Danielle Staub the Songstress

Click on this link above to see The Hated Housewife of NJ, Danielle Staub perform a lesbian-themed song, accompanied by a girlfriend. Danielle was great! She can really sing! I was really bowled over. She should try to get into the music business somehow, at least as a back-up singer. I know the gays love her. Maybe she can find success in music. That's what she should go after and screw the Manzos. A lot of people in Franklin Lakes, NJ don't like them as they're too rich. I suggest she forget about these people and put her focus on something creative.

There's a photo of Danielle and Kim G. holding hands slap me five style on, and, I have to say, it came across sexually. They did this little dance. It appeared on last Monday's episode (June 28). I believe Danielle is bi-sexual. I don't get Kim G. yet. There's something going on. She pesters Jacqueline everyday about Danielle. I'm just observing.

Lon Chaney, Jr

Of all the monsters created in film, none were scarier than the Universal Studio's monsters.  The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man and The Wolf Man. Yet no one seemed to appreciate the characterization of Lon Chaney, Jr's Wolf Man. 

First of all, being a Junior is often a hurdle.  His father, Lon Chaney, was known as The Man of a Thousand Faces (played by Cagney in a biopic).  Senior's double-jointed characters and his ability to change so physically for his numerous roles, made him a star in silent films. He often played a crippled or disfigured person.  His most famous role was The Phantom of the Opera.

Lon Jr. went unappreciated for his Wolfman role.  I suggest, when one of the movies come on, listen to Larry Talbot, the human side of the Wolf Man. Chaney brought so much depth to his werewolf.  The human side, Larry Talbot, lives in torment.  Never did anyone hear a more plaintive cry in film as; Larry Talbot's plea to his fellow men to lock him up on the night of the full moon. This wish rung genuinely from his soul. Larry wanted someone to lock him up before the full moon rose.  At that time, Talbot was helpless to control his Wolf Man side.  He could never get anyone to believe his tale, except the old Gypsy Woman. She knew a werewolf had bitten him, and told him only a silver bullet could stop the rampage.   The next morning Larry Talbot would wake up, usually in his bed, and not know he killed someone. Then came the familiar uprising of the villagers when they found someone ripped apart in the woods. And he lay there full of regret and recalled the full moon of the night before; and that he had killed again.

When one of the movies comes on, just listen to Larry Talbot. Spencer Tracy as Dr. Jeckyll in Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde did not show such a remorseful side as did Chaney's Larry Talbot.

If Chaney wasn't a junior, maybe audiences would have commended his acting more.  He appears again as the Wolf Man in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, which is a very good movie.  Watching the genre as an adult, it's greatness surprised me -- the compelling characters and monsters, the wit, the drama, the sets. But as Lon aged he became an alcoholic and played an occasional role, but he wasn't the actor he once was.  And I think his sadness was that no one praised his performances as Larry Talbot.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Houseives of NJ live in Franklin Lakes, the NorthWest section of NJ.  I lived 15 minutes away from there.  I know someone who lived there a long time and whose children grew up there.  It's a beautiful section.

The main "drama queen" is a woman called Danielle.  Danielle is an alcoholic and the world revolves around her and her problems.  The Manzo family circle hate her.  Danielle Staub has written a book about her life, after her ex-husband wrote one about her -- Cop without a Badge.  She has been accused of kidnapping a child and holding the kid for ransom ot of desperation for money.  Also cocaine possession.  She is an ex-stripper and hired escort.  She was engaged 19 times before she ever married.  She's divorced from her second husband now.  She now has 2 daughters of her own and they're both sweet, normal beauties.  Her older daughter is a model now, but remains totally unaffected.  Her mother, Danielle, was also a model.  They look nothing alike.  The 2 kids look alike, but they don't look like their mother at all.  Which is good as Danielle resembles Vampira (above).  Also, they didn't inherit their mother's paranoia.  They are sensible and try to talk her out of being a "creepy stalker" of the Manzo family.

The Manzos are very wealthy.  Danielle is not.  Her ex-husband doesn't seem to care about the kids.  Many of Danielle's statements are lies  -- or delusions.  Give her one drink and it's all about her and you better agree with her.  Being friends with her is like taking a blood oath.

This show is very worthwhile, at least in entertainment.  The NJ Housewifes are the most popular housewives of the entire show.  From coming attractions it looks like it's getting physical July 12, 2010.  The NJ show is known from the commercial it ran during their first season: Tough Carolyn, Danielle's nemesis, both sitting across from each other at a banquet table,warning Danielle, "Let me tell you something about my family.  We're as thick as thieves and we protect each other to the end."

A great show.  If Danielle wasn't in it, there would be no show.  Carolyn too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Natalie Wood cont.

As a teenager, I often wondered how Natalie mustered up the feelings of the heroines she played.  After all, she was rich and seemed to have everything.  I read a lot about the Stanislavsky Method Acting.  I couldn't understand it until I read Natasha by Suzanne Finstad.  First of all, since early childhood Natalie was supporting her family  -- a much younger half-sister; her stage mother, with all the trimmings and a stepfather who was a miserable alcoholic.  I read her mother told her never to gossip, as this would ruin her chances to make it in Hollywood.  At the age of 15, with Mud's (mother's nickname) approval, Natalie went out with Kirk Douglas; famed actor, producer and family man.  I don't think Natalie thought anything sexual would happen, but it did.  He threw her on a bed and forced her to have sex, saying, "I never had a teenager before."

When she got home that night, she informed Mud of what happened.  And over the years she confided in certain people, including Lana, Robert Blake and possibly Bette Davis.  Lana wants to wait until Douglas dies to announce to the world that he forcefully took her sister's virginity.  I plea to Lana, come out with it now.  When he dies people are going to throw bouquets at him, make him a hero.  No one will believe Lana.  Is she afraid of a lawsuit from him?  I wouldn't be.  Show the man for what he is.  People will say he can't defend himself  -- if he dies before she reveals it.

This rape has become well-known.  I, myself, do not fear a lawsuit.  Natalie came home and then went to the hospital for pain he inflicted.  I do not know how this was kept secret all these years.

Comments: Anonymous said...
Sure it was Kirk? I read "Natasha," by Susan Finstad, a few years ago, and for several pages I was convinced it was Kirk - but then the author dropped a reference to the rapist's "early pirate pictures," and Burt Lancaster, also not the nicest guy offscreen, came to mind. Where did you find Lana's ID of Kirk? --David Andrews (from EdForumJFK)

July 14, 2010 7:22 PM

The man who attacked Natalie Wood is still alive. That's the thing. Once he croaks and Lana comes out with it, no one is going to want to hear it. He'll have so many tributes. And there will be no consequences for him. Lana should report it now. What is she afraid of?
By Witness on Natalie Wood cont. on 7/18/10

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Natalie Wood

I finished reading Goodbye Splendour, Goodbye Natalie by Marti Rulli. I have adored Natalie Wood since childhood. Over the years, I've read Lana Wood's memoir, and a bio of Natalie by Gavin Lambert, a friend of the family. Natasha by Suzanne Finstad I could not put down. This was one of the most heavily researched and most compelling book than the other biographies; and also the best biography I've read of any star, including Natalie's husband's book, Pieces of My Heart by Robert Wagner (which I didn't read).

"Goodbye..." convinced me that Natalie's husband, Robert Wagner, murdered Natalie Wood. That's right. Robert Wagner, a murderer and a drunk. He threw her in the water and untied the dingy's 2 tethers. Then he would not allow the boat captain, an employee of theirs for years, to call for help. Wagner kept feeding him drinks. She probably took the dingy to the shore, he assured his captain. Christopher Walken was "asleep" in his room. Whether he heard the argument that was so loud and violent between Natalie and "RJ" we will never know. He didn't come out of his room till morning and they told him Natalie was missing. By this time Wagner had people searching for her. She was found dead in daylight, wearing the down coat which actually kept her afloat. The weather had been horrible that night -- cold, rainy, Thanksgiving weekend in Catalina. The water was bitterly cold. I read somewhere that she might have been alive for 4 hours. She often expressed fear of dark water. She couldn't swim. That night she yelled for help, but the captain turned on loud music so no one else could hear their argument -- or, unfortunately, her pleas for help. Four hours of torment. If I was RJ Wagner, I wouldn't take a drop of alcohol ever again. More on Natalie tomorrow.