Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Housewife Rumor Mill

I got this from a reliable source. It's about The Housewives of NJ. This s going to be a "blind item." Someone told me that one of the men is telling a woman he was once involved with that he made a mistake in getting married. Her name, apparently, is Kathy. He sends her roses and seems to be wooing her back. I hope this is untrue (but as I said it did come from a reliable source). Treat it as rumor. When you go on TV and become famous, all kinds of crap comes your way. I remember when Rachel Ray got famous. They tore her apart. Her marriage, everything. Rachel Zoe got famous and they wrote she was anorexic and called her names because she's so thin. They called her a drug addict. They really said horrible things about her, but there's no recourse. They are angry at her for being skinny. You can't win. What price fame?

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