Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Houseives of NJ live in Franklin Lakes, the NorthWest section of NJ.  I lived 15 minutes away from there.  I know someone who lived there a long time and whose children grew up there.  It's a beautiful section.

The main "drama queen" is a woman called Danielle.  Danielle is an alcoholic and the world revolves around her and her problems.  The Manzo family circle hate her.  Danielle Staub has written a book about her life, after her ex-husband wrote one about her -- Cop without a Badge.  She has been accused of kidnapping a child and holding the kid for ransom ot of desperation for money.  Also cocaine possession.  She is an ex-stripper and hired escort.  She was engaged 19 times before she ever married.  She's divorced from her second husband now.  She now has 2 daughters of her own and they're both sweet, normal beauties.  Her older daughter is a model now, but remains totally unaffected.  Her mother, Danielle, was also a model.  They look nothing alike.  The 2 kids look alike, but they don't look like their mother at all.  Which is good as Danielle resembles Vampira (above).  Also, they didn't inherit their mother's paranoia.  They are sensible and try to talk her out of being a "creepy stalker" of the Manzo family.

The Manzos are very wealthy.  Danielle is not.  Her ex-husband doesn't seem to care about the kids.  Many of Danielle's statements are lies  -- or delusions.  Give her one drink and it's all about her and you better agree with her.  Being friends with her is like taking a blood oath.

This show is very worthwhile, at least in entertainment.  The NJ Housewifes are the most popular housewives of the entire show.  From coming attractions it looks like it's getting physical July 12, 2010.  The NJ show is known from the commercial it ran during their first season: Tough Carolyn, Danielle's nemesis, both sitting across from each other at a banquet table,warning Danielle, "Let me tell you something about my family.  We're as thick as thieves and we protect each other to the end."

A great show.  If Danielle wasn't in it, there would be no show.  Carolyn too.

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