Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Danielle Staub the Songstress

Click on this link above to see The Hated Housewife of NJ, Danielle Staub perform a lesbian-themed song, accompanied by a girlfriend. Danielle was great! She can really sing! I was really bowled over. She should try to get into the music business somehow, at least as a back-up singer. I know the gays love her. Maybe she can find success in music. That's what she should go after and screw the Manzos. A lot of people in Franklin Lakes, NJ don't like them as they're too rich. I suggest she forget about these people and put her focus on something creative.

There's a photo of Danielle and Kim G. holding hands slap me five style on, and, I have to say, it came across sexually. They did this little dance. It appeared on last Monday's episode (June 28). I believe Danielle is bi-sexual. I don't get Kim G. yet. There's something going on. She pesters Jacqueline everyday about Danielle. I'm just observing.

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