Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Beatification of Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby's widow, Kathryn, is helping to find kinescopes and tapes of Bing's old shows. The purpose is to revive his career, if not the man. The scavengers found many tapes in Bing Crosby's wine cellar, which became a repository of his work. He also drank scotch, says Kathryn. Yet Bing was so pious, and typically, a hypocrite. Bing Crosby was an alcoholic and a self-righteous Catholic.

In his first marriage he fathered four boys. The oldest one, Gary, would have a modest career and battle alcohol as well. Der Bingle liked to give out beatings and verbal abuse. He called Gary "Fatso" and put him on amphetamines.

When Der Bingle died, his will contained a shock as bad as Joan Crawford's did to her kids. The four men would inherit their portion of his Estate -- when they reached the age of 65. Gary, who wrote a book about his father, died of lung cancer at the age of 64. The irony. Why do you bring kids into the world without cherishing them? What kind of message is that? What drew Bing to treat them with such cruelty? He wasn't like that in the movies he made. I venture a guess at the nasty combo of Alcoholism and Catholicism.

So he could sing. Two of his sons committed suicide. There was one son left from his first marriage. When interviewed, he called brother, Gary, by the endearment of Fatso and said Gary was a "slacker and a whiner, always was." So now this last son, a chip off the old block, has all 4 portions of his father's wealth.

Bing had a second family, one girl, Mary, and 2 boys. I don't think there was much abuse in his second family. But he did tell his only daughter, Mary, an actress, that if she lost her virginity before marriage he would disown her and cut her out of his will. How will he test that? Bloody sheets? A gynecological exam? A lie detector test?

On one Bing Crosby Christmas Special, he sang a duet with David Bowie. "The Little Drummer Boy." It was great, but I can't see Bing Crosby and David Bowie sharing a friendship. More hypocrisy. Maybe he resides in alcoholic Heaven now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sonny Bono Running for Mayor of Palm Springs

A private eye named Ted Gunderson claims that Republican Congressman, Sonny Bono, was murdered. The reason: Sonny was sent material by a man named Bob Fletcher, which named high-level govt officials involved with major drug trafficing. Gunderson believes Sonny's office was bugged. Sonny was astonished when he read the names, and said he would tackle this first thing when Congress resumed. Ten days later, Sonny suffered a skiing accident, which was bogus, according to Gunderson. The autopsy points to being bludgeoned to death. No broken knees, no broken wrists, etc., that would indicate he skiied into a tree.

Here is a video of Sonny entering politics. He was a great guy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

I love the Rolling Stones. But my favorite song is "Ruby Tuesday." Mick Jagger had nothing to do with the song. Keith Richards and Brian Jones wrote "Ruby Tuesday." They later brought Mick into the studio and taught him the song. What makes me laugh about them -- Mick can't hit the low note in the first lyric: "She would never say where she came from." But he forces it anyway. He is a true showman who has conjured up a lot of tricks over the years. Like when he lost his voice on Saturday Night Live some 40 years ago. He got down in front of the first aisle and mouthed the words in an exaggerated way. He always comes up with something.

Jerry Lewis' Kids

This year on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Jerry spoke about how he remembers "his" kids from the telethon who have died. He mentioned Scotty Smith, etc. But what about his own personal loss? What about Joseph, his youngest son, who died of a drug overdose last year? Jerry was disappointed when his last child with Patty, his first wife, turned out to be a boy. He had an audience in his failing TV show sing, "Think Pink," a song from Broadway.

Jerry's son, Gary, of Gary Lewis and the Playboys ("This Diamond Ring"), who is in his sixties, denounced his father, Jerry, for being mean, cruel and neglectful when dealing with his sons, especially Joseph. Gary also took a blood test to see if he and a woman who came forward, claiming she was Jerry Lewis' daughter, were blood related. She is. I guess the Playboys didn't make the telethon this year.

I will say the death of Joseph Lewis was -- in my opinion -- hushed up. Jerry pulled strings. I think with Jerry it's out of sight, out of mind. Let someone else clean up the mess. He views his first marriage as a mistake. What can he do? His first wife resides in a nursing home with dementia. She's a few years older than he is.

Gary Lewis did not take a blood test. He and his sister took a DNA test, the results of which overwhelming. Patti Lewis has not been diagnosed with Dementia, and she does not live in a nursing home. Jerry Lewis has never said his first marriage was a mistake.
By Anonymous on Jerry Lewis' Kids at 5:17 PM

Thank you, Anonymous. I meant a DNA test. I'm a member of the John F. Kennedy research community. We just call it a blood test sometimes. Actually, I call it a blood test sometimes, not them.

Where did I read that Patti Lewis was in a nursing home, diagnosed with dementia. It's possible I read this on the Huffington Post or TMZ. I like when people tell me how it really is. Jerry never said it...but in so many words. I'm a Jerryphile. He was the first entertainer I was conscious of, as my parents took me to his movies. I can remember on the Mike Douglas Show his ranting about if his wife dances with another man she can get herself a new husband. I mean, come on, that marriage was a train wreck. I think he wanted a Jewish wife. When he curses on TV, it's usually "Jesus Christ," stuff like that. Now I don't know who you are and that's fine, but I will skirt around and try to find where these stories originate. The only reason I write about Jerry is because I love him, even if I had a fat ass with a swatstika on it.
By Witness on Jerry Lewis' Kids at 6:34 PM

Monday, September 20, 2010

John Lennon and Brian Epstein

When John Lennnon attended grade school, his best friend was Pete Shotton. Pete wrote a book about John after John died. It was called John Lennon in My Life. In the book he relates something John allegedly told him.

John spent about a week with Brian Epstein in Spain. They were sitting in a cafe, watching people go by. No one knew them. Neither one of them were famous and they could do what they liked. John began to ask Brian which type of men he found attractive and which he didn't.

One night, John and Brian returned to their hotel. Back in that day, did the hotel concierge or whoever think they were homosexuals? Did it matter? Maybe not at a resort. Brian would have made all the details before they left for Spain. When John married Cynthia he felt embarassment, like walking across the street with your fly open. Now he was hanging out with a wealthy British Jewish man. One who dressed so superbly that, when returning home one night in the military, he was charged with impersonating an officer.

I would think it probable that Epstein bought gifts for Lennon. Shotton said that one night (probably the last) Lennon offered himself to Brian. Brian went down on him I guess is the best way to describe it. Most likely the 2 were drunk.

When they got back to Liverpool, a local disk jockey, chided John about his rendezvous with Epstein. Lennon beat up the guy so badly, I think they had to take him to the hospital. Epstein, learning this, paid the guy to keep quiet about the incident though there were witnesses.

When John went to Art College, he met a kid who painted well and was serious about being an artist. Stu Sutcliffe was physically slight. He didn't play any instuments. He couldn't sing. But John thought the world of him.

One day he saw Stu dancing with Cynthia, Lennon's girlfriend, during lunch. She noticed a grim stare aimed at her from John. The next morning she made her way to the bathroom. When she came out Lennon was standing there glowering. He took her by the hair and bashed her head into some pipes where they stood. That marked the end of their romance...

A few months passed and John asked her if she wanted to go out with him. She said yes.

Even though Stu wasn't musical, Lennon said to McCartney, either Stu is in the band or I'm not. They gave him a bass guitar. He faked it all the way. He went to Germany with the others. In Germany, he met a photographer, Astrid Kirchherr, who took great photos of them -- they looked like Teddy Boys. But she made an unusual suggestion: Why not wear their hair down with bangs, as the Mods were doing then? They accepted her idea and this led way to the Beatle cut, which we still see today -- modified and feminized. (As worn by Tom Cruise or Rodger Berman, stylist Rachel Zoe's husband.)

Stu fell in love with Astrid. They married and Lennon became nasty towards Astrid. Astrid comprehended. But did Lennon? They were heading back to England without Stu. Shortly afterwards, Stu died of a cerebral hemorrhage. When Lennon was told this, he cracked up laughing and continued hysterically. People do react odd when someone they admire dies.

This came from several books on John Lennon. It's curious. I would like to read others' opinions. Debunk the above.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phony Tony

I bring to your attention the latest autobiography of Tony Curtis. I've seen interviews with him and read other interviews about his declaration that he and Marilyn Monroe had a torrid affair during Some Like It Hot. He further claims that she became pregnant with his baby, not Arthur Miller's. At some point she miscarried. While there were rumors that she looked pregnant (and she usually did) no one was told because Arthur Miller and she weren't close at that time in their marriage. Curtis came out with this after Arthur Miller died. Jack Lemmon is dead. Billy Wilder is dead. Marilyn Monroe is dead. All witnesses are dead.

This man is delusional. Or a devout liar. He hated Marilyn Monroe. Someone asked him what it was like kissing her. He replied, "It was like kissing Hitler." In the scenes that he was in with her -- especially the scenes on the yacht -- he did not look happy to me. He looked the way Olivier looked in scenes with her.

In 1974, he appeared on The Mike Douglas Show as the weekly co-host. On that show I heard him say when asked about Monroe, "I hated her. She gave very little of herself." Ironically, Mike Douglas chose guests that week who knew Marilyn in one way or another. Usually the co-host says who he/she wants on the show that week. But Marilyn upstaged Tony yet again!

Curtis must need the money. There's a photo of Tony Curtis meeting Marilyn before the start of Some Like It Hot. She is smiling at him pleasantly. His face is full of tension, even the arteries in his neck are popping.

The man's a liar. Although she's dead, I think he is "besting" Marilyn Monroe because he lived to tell a story of his phony affair with her. I don't believe a word of it. He's just adding his name to MM's apocrypha.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Princess Diana

In this photo of Diana's secret lover, Hewlett, on the left, and Harry center, you can see the startling resemblance between the two.  Then there's Charles whom I personally hold in disdain.  No resemmblance to Harry.  He and Camilla thought of a way that might bring a child into his life, an heir, that would shut up the Queen.  Maybe Charles would not have to accept the throne.  Camilla hand-picked  Diana Spencer for Charles as she had a good pedigree and reputation.  And then they can resume their secret affair.  To me, Camilla and Charles are rat bastards.  I don't think Harry is Charles' son.  When I first saw the photo above, I thought it was a picture of the same man.  So we know Charles went to bed with her once (Prince William, probably the next King).  But he supposedly remarked about Diana, "I used to hate to kiss her.  Her breath always smelled like vomit."

I don't think Charles had anything to do with that "accident" of Diana's.  I believe Prince Phillip, the Queen's husband and father of Charles, set it all in motion.  MI6 carried it out.  Two men on a motorcycle shone a blinding light at their car, which was going fast; and another car bumped them simultaneously.  The Princess' car spun out of control and flipped over (evidenced by the extent of damage to the  roof).  And there's always this mention of illegal drugs in the back seat where Diana and Dody Al Fayed, her new love of Arabic descent, rode.  I believe the "first responders" planted this.

Authorities tell us the driver of the car, Henri Paul, was very drunk and died with a ton of carbon monoxide in his bloodstream.  How does this happen?  The maker of the car said there was no way the carbon monoxide came from the car. 

I heard one intelligent explanation.  In the morgue lay the body of a man who in life suffered from depression and decided to commit suicide.  He got very drunk then turned on the car in his garage.  His bloodstream revealed a ton of carbon monoxide.  And, not surprisingly, doctors found  anti-depressent medication in his blood stream.  I think I heard this twice and never again.  Either the man in the morgue's toxicology was switched with that of Henri Paul or it was an accident (two in one night?).  Or they switched the bloodtests of the man on purpose.  How long did they have this bloodwork? 

There were people in Paris who helped kill Diana for embarrassing the Royal Crown of England by kissing a wealthy Arab publicly.  The British hold Arabs in disdain.  And Prince Philip believed in Eugenics  -- killing off of various populations.  What's a couple of innocent people to him?

Diana, we're told, went into cardiac arrest as they pulled her from the car.  They got her into the ambulance and drove like 5 miles per hour, so there wouldn't be any bumps that might put her back into cardiac arrest.  What a crock.  They passed 2 hospitals.  Finally, after 2 hours, they arrived at a third hospital.  Two nurses, seeing Diana, got sick to their stomachs.  She was very white.  They opened her up and discovered that her aorta was split open and she was bleeding profusely from within.  The ambulance workers kept pressing on her heart to keep it going.  If they had rushed her to the first hospital, her diagnosis would have been made.  Pressing her heart to keep it going did the opposite to her.  It was killing her.  The more they pressed on her chest, the worst the bleeding aorta let loose.
This is the flash of light that stunned the driver.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garbo in Head Piece

Dark Star: The Untold Story of the Meteoric Rise and Fall of Legendary Silent Screen Star John Gilbert by his daughter, Leatrice Gilbert Fountain, published 1985. $20 Hardcover. Click on Title above.

Garbo in a Head Piece

Gore Vidal said of Garbo that she spoke of her youth as, "When I was a boy..."  And if you went into the bathroom after her you'd find the seat up.  One of her biographies in the '70's or so said she left John Gilbert at the altar and wouldn't answer her phone.  She had music on and was dancing with a   girlfriend.  Gilbert got into a fight with Mr. Mayer.  Mayer told Gilbert he would destroy him if it cost him a million dollars.  The embarassment of Garbo's no show and now his career being ruined cost John Gilbert his life.  He slowly died of alcoholism because Garbo wasn't in the mood for a wedding.
As a matter of fact, she said she didn't know what she ever saw in him.

Marilyn Monroe in a Beautiful Hat

Here's Marilyn in an attractive hat, rivaling Bianca. I never saw her so healthy looking. Also I've never seen her with her eyebrows so pointed. I believe the photographer was Milton H. Greene. She had the world on a string, then brazenly left Hollywood at the very pinnacle of her career. She wanted to study acting with Lee Strasberg. She also began an affair with playwright Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman).

Marilyn signed a contract with 20th Century Fox which allowed her to choose her directors. At the same time the contract allowed her to star in other movies at different studios. With Milton H. Greene she formed Marilyn Monroe Productions. Everybody complained about her lateness on the set during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl (1957); Some Like It Hot (1959); The Misfits (1961). But it was her money that was footing the bill.

A lot of times her male co-stars despised her, like Sir Laurence Olivier. He said, "I didn't know -- I thought I was going to fall in love with her. But she made such a fool out of me. These were my men (the crew) and she made it terribly difficult to continue,"(paraphrase). That concerned the movie The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) when she was honeymooning with Arthur Miller. Her money was footing the bill again and she wanted to have Lee Strasberg direct her. It did not come about and Marilyn blamed Greene for not having the temerity to tell Olivier that Marilyn wanted another director. Olivier and Vivian Leigh starred in the play onstage.

What these women could do for the milliners' industry...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bianca Jagger and Her Hat

I was watching a Project Runway marathon yesterday.  One challenge for the designers was to make an outfit to match an avante garde hat by a famous hat designer.  When I saw the picture above, it reminded me of the show.  She looks beautiful in that hat.  Bring back the hat!  Princess Diana brought the hat back, but then the trend faded.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a Reunion!

The Housewives of NJ meet again.  Part 2 is on Sept 6, 2010.  I am convinced that Teresa is mentally ill.  The weird screaming and the noises she makes.  Danielle's right; she is an animal.  Of course, Danielle made a remark that set her off.  "Did you acknowledge your nephew"?  It turned out she was there for the birth, but Danielle was insinuating something.  That set her off.  Just like she was set off at the Country Club.

It's sad Danielle can't make friends.  She has an ex-con and his buddy, "Satch."  (He reminds me of Huntz Hall in the Bowery Boys -- but he doesn't speak.  He too is an "ex-felon.")  With Danielle you have to take a blood oath to be friends with her.  And everything centers around her.  One exception:  Kim G.  She used Danielle to get onto the show.  I'm convinced of that.  And to go and tell people that Danielle was looking for her birth mother.  What a creep.  People (I should talk) who gossip gain a lot of power because they know something the others don't and it gives them an "in."  But I don't think the other housewives trust her or like her.  She lives in such a huge mansion.  I think she's divorced.  All those rooms to wander around in.  Her son lives with her.  But I wonder what she does with walk-in closets filled with clothes.  All color coordinated.  Where does she go?  She must have had a wealthy husband.

Personally, I despise Kim G.  She was an instigator and got onto the show for the excitement.  She will be on Reunion II and I'm sure she's going to say a lot of crap to Danielle.  And then there's going to be a big surprise in Reunion II.  I've already written that Danielle was fired, that the other housewives will not come back if she does.  She needs the money  -- I think it will be Danielle.  She's probably had enough.

Danielle said to Caroline in the last show that Caroline's friends were indicted.  That's got to be the mob.  I'm sure Mr. Manzo pays them off each month.  And they host a yearly dinner, $1000 per plate, to support the Sheriff's Dept.  One hand washes the other.  The Manzos are mob connected and police protected.  That's my opinion.  But like I said, I knew someone who lived in Franklin Lakes for years and she was the first to tell me about the Manzos and the Mob.  This is all alleged and I have no proof.

And it's on the Internet that Teresa's belongings are being auctioned off  -- everything!  The house itself, I don't know.  When Teresa loses everything, I wonder what she'll be like then.  I wish her the best.  I wonder why Joe, her husband, had that accident around 2 am.  Where was he coming from?  I must have missed something.  I don't know how he got out of that car; it was lying on it's top.  Something's not right.  That was a hell of a crash.  If someone knows more about it, please put it in the comments section here.  I feel he's under severe stress and I'm concerned.