Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a Reunion!

The Housewives of NJ meet again.  Part 2 is on Sept 6, 2010.  I am convinced that Teresa is mentally ill.  The weird screaming and the noises she makes.  Danielle's right; she is an animal.  Of course, Danielle made a remark that set her off.  "Did you acknowledge your nephew"?  It turned out she was there for the birth, but Danielle was insinuating something.  That set her off.  Just like she was set off at the Country Club.

It's sad Danielle can't make friends.  She has an ex-con and his buddy, "Satch."  (He reminds me of Huntz Hall in the Bowery Boys -- but he doesn't speak.  He too is an "ex-felon.")  With Danielle you have to take a blood oath to be friends with her.  And everything centers around her.  One exception:  Kim G.  She used Danielle to get onto the show.  I'm convinced of that.  And to go and tell people that Danielle was looking for her birth mother.  What a creep.  People (I should talk) who gossip gain a lot of power because they know something the others don't and it gives them an "in."  But I don't think the other housewives trust her or like her.  She lives in such a huge mansion.  I think she's divorced.  All those rooms to wander around in.  Her son lives with her.  But I wonder what she does with walk-in closets filled with clothes.  All color coordinated.  Where does she go?  She must have had a wealthy husband.

Personally, I despise Kim G.  She was an instigator and got onto the show for the excitement.  She will be on Reunion II and I'm sure she's going to say a lot of crap to Danielle.  And then there's going to be a big surprise in Reunion II.  I've already written that Danielle was fired, that the other housewives will not come back if she does.  She needs the money  -- I think it will be Danielle.  She's probably had enough.

Danielle said to Caroline in the last show that Caroline's friends were indicted.  That's got to be the mob.  I'm sure Mr. Manzo pays them off each month.  And they host a yearly dinner, $1000 per plate, to support the Sheriff's Dept.  One hand washes the other.  The Manzos are mob connected and police protected.  That's my opinion.  But like I said, I knew someone who lived in Franklin Lakes for years and she was the first to tell me about the Manzos and the Mob.  This is all alleged and I have no proof.

And it's on the Internet that Teresa's belongings are being auctioned off  -- everything!  The house itself, I don't know.  When Teresa loses everything, I wonder what she'll be like then.  I wish her the best.  I wonder why Joe, her husband, had that accident around 2 am.  Where was he coming from?  I must have missed something.  I don't know how he got out of that car; it was lying on it's top.  Something's not right.  That was a hell of a crash.  If someone knows more about it, please put it in the comments section here.  I feel he's under severe stress and I'm concerned.

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