Monday, September 13, 2010

Princess Diana

In this photo of Diana's secret lover, Hewlett, on the left, and Harry center, you can see the startling resemblance between the two.  Then there's Charles whom I personally hold in disdain.  No resemmblance to Harry.  He and Camilla thought of a way that might bring a child into his life, an heir, that would shut up the Queen.  Maybe Charles would not have to accept the throne.  Camilla hand-picked  Diana Spencer for Charles as she had a good pedigree and reputation.  And then they can resume their secret affair.  To me, Camilla and Charles are rat bastards.  I don't think Harry is Charles' son.  When I first saw the photo above, I thought it was a picture of the same man.  So we know Charles went to bed with her once (Prince William, probably the next King).  But he supposedly remarked about Diana, "I used to hate to kiss her.  Her breath always smelled like vomit."

I don't think Charles had anything to do with that "accident" of Diana's.  I believe Prince Phillip, the Queen's husband and father of Charles, set it all in motion.  MI6 carried it out.  Two men on a motorcycle shone a blinding light at their car, which was going fast; and another car bumped them simultaneously.  The Princess' car spun out of control and flipped over (evidenced by the extent of damage to the  roof).  And there's always this mention of illegal drugs in the back seat where Diana and Dody Al Fayed, her new love of Arabic descent, rode.  I believe the "first responders" planted this.

Authorities tell us the driver of the car, Henri Paul, was very drunk and died with a ton of carbon monoxide in his bloodstream.  How does this happen?  The maker of the car said there was no way the carbon monoxide came from the car. 

I heard one intelligent explanation.  In the morgue lay the body of a man who in life suffered from depression and decided to commit suicide.  He got very drunk then turned on the car in his garage.  His bloodstream revealed a ton of carbon monoxide.  And, not surprisingly, doctors found  anti-depressent medication in his blood stream.  I think I heard this twice and never again.  Either the man in the morgue's toxicology was switched with that of Henri Paul or it was an accident (two in one night?).  Or they switched the bloodtests of the man on purpose.  How long did they have this bloodwork? 

There were people in Paris who helped kill Diana for embarrassing the Royal Crown of England by kissing a wealthy Arab publicly.  The British hold Arabs in disdain.  And Prince Philip believed in Eugenics  -- killing off of various populations.  What's a couple of innocent people to him?

Diana, we're told, went into cardiac arrest as they pulled her from the car.  They got her into the ambulance and drove like 5 miles per hour, so there wouldn't be any bumps that might put her back into cardiac arrest.  What a crock.  They passed 2 hospitals.  Finally, after 2 hours, they arrived at a third hospital.  Two nurses, seeing Diana, got sick to their stomachs.  She was very white.  They opened her up and discovered that her aorta was split open and she was bleeding profusely from within.  The ambulance workers kept pressing on her heart to keep it going.  If they had rushed her to the first hospital, her diagnosis would have been made.  Pressing her heart to keep it going did the opposite to her.  It was killing her.  The more they pressed on her chest, the worst the bleeding aorta let loose.
This is the flash of light that stunned the driver.

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  1. Even though he has denied even the possibility of fathering Harry, a blind person could see there is a startling resemblance between the two. He doesn't really look like Diana or his brother or Charles, but Hewitt...yes, indeed. As for Diana, not sure there was a conspiracy to murder her, but many factors remain mysterious. Sad to say, but her own behavior left her vulnerable.