Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The last episode of Housewives of NJ has aired.  Bravo is showing it 2 more times tonight.

Caroline confronted Danielle.  Her mistake was she should have turned the conversation back to Ashley, see if Danielle would drop the charges.  Instead Caroline began to call her names, that when she said Danielle was "garbage" she still believed it.  She also called her a "clown."  Danielle got a good one in: "You sit there with your red hair and call me a clown?"  Caroline said, "Your whole life is a joke....When I stand I don't stand alone."  -- meaning her family and Danielle being short on family.  Caroline told Danielle her daughters were beautiful.  Caroline showed a nervous smile a couple of times.  Danielle mentioned that friends of the Manzo family were indicted.  Caroline said nothing.  I think Danielle meant mobsters.  Danielle walked out.  Two professional bodyguards, armed with guns, waited for her outside the restaurant.

So  -- It's not over.  And the commercial for the reunion show  --  They get physical and scream at each other.  The commercial is fast and short, but I think I saw Teresa push (Andy Cohen?) the moderator into a chair.  It looked like chaos.  I can't wait.

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