Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Kim

To make things worse for Teresa Giudice. Kim Granatell is waiting to scoop off Teresa's treasures. What a bitch. She wormed her way onto the Housewives of NJ. Then she turns against Danielle, whom she was using. Then she got to bitch at Danielle on the Reunion Show. I really think there's something wrong upstairs with Kim. She insinuates herself into these imaginary friendships. And further, I think she's hot to trot. If the show comes back next year I hope she's not on it.

"By Courtney Ryan

Teresa Giudice's Bankruptcy May be Kim Granatell's Treasure

Teresa Giudice and Kim Granatell don't seem to have anything in common except one thing - their home decor taste. After filing for bankruptcy, Teresa and Joe Giudice have decided to auction their "fabulous" possessions on October 3rd. The couple currently has over ten million dollars of debt. Seems like Teresa may be suffering from a shopping problem.

Well, don't fret because Kim Grantell is planning to scoop up the Giudice's treasures. Kim is a NJ housewife wannabe and loves to get on camera, but in this case she deserves it. According to Radar Online, Kim is planning to buy many of the Giudicie's items and re-sell them on Ebay. The profits will then be donated to Emmanuel Cancer Charity. Surely seems like a worthy cause." [Well, isn't she wonderful!]

"The Giudice's auction is already getting a lot of hype and may end up as the place to be on October 3rd. I'm sure Teresa will make it seem like another party and Joe will sit there groaning the entire time. Poor guy.

The couple has never openly admitted that they have problems and on Teresa's most recent Bravo TV blog she wrote," Well this has been an interesting week as far as press goes. I’ve never had so many untrue stories written about me at one time! I haven’t given a comment to anyone in the press. I’m not going to comment on rumors or lies. " Way to ignore the question Teresa. Don't worry, we still like you and your jerseylicious self."

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