Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sylvia Plath's Most Powerful Reading of Her Poem "Lady Lazarus"

Yesterday I was cleaning up and I came across a poem I wrote 14 years ago.  That got me interested in the poets and I decided to provide a link to Sylvia Plath, reading her own poem, "Lady Lazarus."

This woman was sick with depression and had attempted suicide before.  Her poem describes that attempt during her college years.

The poem I found that I had written had nothing to do with depression.  It just made me want to hear the poets of my time.  Sylvia Plath gives a great reading of her poem at the link above.  Next here is a biography of the "other woman."  Cutting to the chase, she lived with poet Ted Hughes, killed their daughter and took her own life.  Fun read. I ordered the book myself.Today (Oct 27) I received the book. I will write a review when I'm finished reading it. But the real story is it came in a hardcover with the dust jacket -- brand new! Never read! And here's the bestpart: it only cost one cent. Of course you have to pay shippig. But this is the greatest bookstore, as well as other products they carry. And I'm talking about

Update: I bought the book and am reading it now.  It came right away in perfect condition; looked like it had never been read.  Brand new.  It cost $0.01.  You can't do better than that.

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