Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bianca Jagger - Legendary Women

To me, Bianca Jagger is the classiest woman alive.  She has dedicated her life to Human Rights.  I recall in Texas in the '90's, she stood outside a prison where there was going to be an execution that night.  She is against the death penalty and was representing Amnesty International.  Geraldo Rivera  covered the story.  He swung from one opinion to another  -- opposite ends, depending upon whom he was talking to that hour.  He noticed Bianca Jagger.  He was facing the camera and asked her a question.  She immediately turned around and faced the camera directly and gave her opinion to the people at home, turning her back on Rivera.  I personally enjoyed that.  Soon Geraldo would announce on his CNBC show that  -- appropos of nothing  -- that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy and there was no conspiracy; shaking his head like conspiracy believers in this death were crazy and unfortunate.  Thus, Geraldo became a CIA media asset and was awarded a new role on a different station as foreign coorespondent in the Afghanistan war, which he announced a week later.  President Kennedy, he said, was shot from behind by one man only  -- Lee Harvey Oswald. 

If you want to know more about Kennedy's death, go to Simkins JFK Debate and read the Forum.  Or there's  I thought I knew all about Kennedy's Assassination when I first came upon these forums.  I didn't, although I believed in conspiracy.

Bianca's found herself in dangerous situations.  For many years she couldn't go back to Nicaragua because of the political climate  -- an understatement.  Here is a video of a short speech she gave for the Legendary Women convention.  She began to describe her own role model.  I knew she would say   Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Bianca lives primarily in London now.

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