Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beauty Tips of the Stars

Here are some tricks stars use to look and feel better.

Mae West had one leg 1/4 inch shorter than the other.  This was the secret of her sexy walk.  She also took a 1 cup water enema every morning.

Dolores Del Rio slept 21 hours a day to stave off wrinkles.

Rita Hayworth had one eye smaller than the other.  The make-up men used to extend her fake lashes.

Bette Davis wore her dress wrong for the movie, All about Eve.  Since she was so taken with it, Edith Head, the designer let her wear it her way  -- not to hug her shoulders, but falling to her elbows.  The neckline became sleeves and Edith Head was spared the embarrassment of not fitting her client right.

Joan Crawford used to bite the inside of her mouth so her cheeks looked thinner.  And always used a key light to highlight her eyes and place the rest of her in shadow.  Especially in the later horror films, like Strait-Jacket, Berserk, Night GalleryTrog.  But also in the '50's she used this technique (which was so obvious) in Woman on the Beach.  To me it didn't enhance her beauty; it distracted the viewer.

Natalie Wood wouldn't be caught dead without a bracelet to cover a wrist injury she suffered as a child in a film.  Her mother wouldn't let her go to a hospital because that would inconvenience the studio and she wanted Natalie to be a star.  So a bone protruded and Natalie always wore a bracelet after that.  Supposedly, the studio padded her clothes for Rebel without a Cause because she only weighed 90 pounds.

Alan Ladd used to stand on a box in some scenes in the movies.  He was usually shorter than the women he starred with.

British actress, Jane Asher, whose hair is "strawberry" blonde, or really an apricot color, often had her hair dyed in films to a darker red, which looked more attractive.  Now she dyes it to keep out the gray.

Speak of the devil, Sir Beatle Paul McCartney dyes his hair now also: to auburn.  Why men that age pick that shade I don't know.  I guess you're supposed to go lighter as you age...

Woody Allen always wears muddy earth tones from his wardrobe: olive green, tan, etc.  His characters often do too.  He doesn't understand why someone would wear pink.

Judy Garland used to wear a contraption inside her nose, when she worked for MGM, to give it a more  uplift look.

Elvis Presley wore waterproof black mascara, as his eyelashes were blond and didn't match his dyed black hair.

Mick Jagger works out everyday.  His father was a gym teacher.

Keith Richards wears black eyeliner and tinny West Indies-like, little Cracker Jack prizes in his hair.  Doesn't look bad!

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