Thursday, November 11, 2010

False Friends of Marilyn Monroe

Robert F. Slatzer, who died some years back, claimed to have married Marilyn in 1952.  The only proof he had were some photos of him and Marilyn taken in front of the Falls while she filmed Niagara.  It's one thing to make a buck off someone's life, but I believe something else was involved here.  It was rumored all over Hollywood that Marilyn was having an affair with President Kennedy.  I, too, believe this.  People also pointed to Robert F. Kennedy, the Attorney General, as being involved with Marilyn.  This I don't agree with  -- there's no proof.  Yes, he did visit her at her house the day she died, but I think he was trying to take the heat off his brother.  The Kennedys, in my opinion, were going to be blackmailed.  And in a way they were  -- by J. Edgar Hoover.  But the Kennedys had nothing to do with her death.  That was the ultimate blackmail, but they managed to quell it.  I believe that when Bobby left her house that day, either the Mob or the CIA came in and killed her to make the brothers look guilty of causing her to commit suicide.  The Kennedys weathered that storm during their short lives.

A year after Norman Mailer's much talked about book on Marilyn Monroe came out, highlighting her stunning photos by great photographers, another book came out about her called  The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe  It was written by Robert F. Slatzer.  Slatzer was the author of some really bad westerns.  He brought his book to a publisher and said that ex-boxer Kid Chisell was a witness to his marriage to Monroe in Mexico.  However, 20th Century Fox had her down as being on the set and working that day (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes).  Sometime after reading Slatzer's book, a journalist found Kid Chisell, who was dying.  Chisell said, "Look, I was only trying to help a friend."

On the Mike Douglas Show in 1974, Tony Curtis was the co-host.  He said about Marilyn: "I hated her. She gave very little of herself."  He's dead now, but not soon enough to rewrite history.  Curtis said he had an affair with Marilyn while working on Some Like It Hot.  What a crock.  When Paula Strasberg asked him during the filming of SLIH what it felt like to kiss Marilyn, Curtis replied, "It was like kissing Hitler."  Reportedly, Paula started crying.  "You try to work with her, Paula," said Tony.

Now Tony Curtis has spread lies about Marilyn.  He said shortly before he died that during SLIH Monroe became pregnant with his child and later miscarried.  I don't believe this crap for a minute.

Anyway, Curtis was on The Mike Douglas Show with Whitey Snyder and Agnes Flanagan, who for almost her entire career, did Marilyn's hair and make-up.  They said they never heard of Robert F. Slatzer or Jeanne Carmen.  Slatzer and Carmen came forward to say they witnessed Marilyn's relationship with Bobby Kennedy in particular.  I suppose these 2 made a lot of money off Marilyn.  But ask yourself: Would Bobby Kennedy put on a fake beard and go to the beach naked with Marilyn and Jeanne?  If he was worried that someone might get their hands on Marilyn's "red diary," which contained things he allegedly told her, like there were men from outer space and the administration's attempts on Castro's life, would he tell her to get rid of it?  Wouldn't he get rid of it himself?

Jeanne Carmen was a Marilyn Monroe wannabe.  Jayne Mansfield was more successful.  Carmen may have met Marilyn, but I don't believe she was her friend and confidante.  Robert F. Slatzer was a disinformationalist.  It was the only way he could make money.  President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, would never have killed Monroe.  I think they would bring her to Hyannisport, talk to her, talk her down.  Nothing good would come from her death for them.  And they were Catholic at a time when Catholics took their religion seriously and the Church wasn't under ridicule and shame as it is today.


Anonymous said...
Awesome photo of Jeanne Carmen in the surf. What an amazing body. She is breathtaking to look at.
Witness said...
But Marilyn was beautiful. She wasn't hard- looking like Jeanne Carmen.


  1. Awesome photo of Jeanne Carmen in the surf. What an amazing body. She is breathtaking to look at.

  2. But Marilyn was beautiful. She wasn't hard- looking like Jeanne Carmen.

  3. This is very much true that JFK never had an affair with Monroe, but had only two sexual encounters. RFK also never had an affair with Monroe. I personally doubt the story that Monroe wanted to be married to JFK, I think she was reasonable enough to know she can't. But considering her character and mental state, I think that she might have carried such a wish. RFK did meet Monroe at Peter Lawford's house to say that she should not forget her relationship with JFK, it was nothing more than JFK's usual womanising. RFK was never at Monroe's house the day she died. I think that you should correct this piece in your article. He was at a friend's house somewhere else. Those who say that he was there say this because they want to imply that he was involved in murdering Monroe. There is no proof of RFK being at Monroe's house, except for again unreliable people saying that he was.

    I think that one can criticise RFK and JFK for their policies and failures as politicians, but I think blaming them for something that they had not done is going too low down on our part.

    We should not waste our time in such useless gossips. Besides, I think RFK was the last best presidential candidate, since him, no one came that would work for the people of America and for other citizens of the world.