Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rachel Zoe Baby Rumors and Brad Leaving

Stylist Rachel Zoe is pregnant.  Both she and her husband, Rodger, are ecstatic.  She'll have to cut down on her workload.  I suggest she have employees with sharp eyes go to the runway shows of the best designers and pick out the dresses.  Then Rachel can decide when she sees the gowns in person in her shop if it's right for the celebrity she's dressing.  Rachel also wants to design.

Brad has split with Rachel Zoe to "spread his wings."  He's looking to become a stylest himself.  He had to be the sexiest gay man I've ever seen.  I hate to see him go.  (It made me laugh when he joined Rachel and family for the Jewish holiday.  Rodger got up before the dinner and began to read religious dogma for everyone to follow along;
 and Brad hid behind his booklet, laughing hysterically.)  The split was tearful and amicable.  What will happen to the Rachel Zoe Project now with the baby coming?  I bet Rachel would like to have a girl so she could dress her up.  I hope the show continues.

Rachel Zoe is known for her love of vintage clothes from great designers of years past.  She loves the 60's and early '70's.

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