Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jerry Lewis Ladies Man (1961) Karyn Kupcinet

Karyn Kupcinet, the daughter of Irv Kupcinet,  a talk show host and columnist with thousands of friends, was murdered on Nov.28, 1963.  2,500 people attended the funeral.  The family thought her downstairs neighbor killed her.

My theory: when Jack Ruby shot Oswald on Nov.24, 1963, it put a lot of heat on Chicago.  It is possible she was killed by a Chicago hit man.  The mob in Chicago didn't want any connection to the crime and so with Ruby dominating the press, they created a shock crime in Chicago --  the murder of Karyn Kupcinet, which went unsolved.  It happened early on Thanksgiving, but she wasn't found until 3 nights later.

A few weeks later, Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped.  Did the mob do this because Frank Sinatra, the father, did everything he could to get Kennedy elected in the first place?  And to get the spotlight off them?

There is more to the story.

Above is a scene from the Ladies Man.  You can see how beautiful she was when she wasn't starving herself.

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