Saturday, July 31, 2010


Teresa Guidice of The Housewives of New Jersey is in financial trouble as most know.  She and her husband owe 11 million dollars.  She owes $19,000 to a fertility clinic.  She has 4 beautiful daughters: Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana  -- I wonder what nationality they are!

Teresa is now the spokeswoman for a local tanning spa.  You can either lie in a tanning bed or get spray tanned.  She speaks in the commercial.  I just felt that the way they had her sitting up and talking, she was a little stiff.  You can probably see the commercial on the Internet.  AOL is showing it.

Anyway, she was my favorite Housewife until she chased Danielle out of the country club, and is very proud of herself.  It was so high school.  She's not a class act.  And you know what they say: What goes around, comes around.  Now she and her husband have to be frugal, although Joe says nothing will change in their manner of living.  This is really a bad economy.  I guess she won't be running around in chinchilla coats anymore.  "I just want to talk to the Bitch."  Childish, stupid.  But she still has that whistle in her voice...

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