Wednesday, July 7, 2010

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Is Guilty but Not of Murder by William Dear. This author is a life-long investigator. He contends that OJ Simpson's older son, Jason, from OJ's first marriage, has intermittant rage disorder. A chef, he once in anger held a knife to his employer. He has beaten up girl friends. He is probably a paranoid schizophrenic. A dangerous guy.

The night Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered, Nicole and family were supposed to go to dinner at a restaurant where Jason Simpson worked as a chef. Everyone at the restaurant was waiting their arrival. Nobody came. The Restaurant closed early that night. Jason Simpson was humiliated. His father, the ultra-famous athlete, didn't show up.

Nicole Simpson told friends that she caught Jason looking in her window. OJ would do this too. Nicole said she was going to Mezzaluna with the kids.

Like all Chefs, Jason took his knives home at night. They are expensive tools. Each chef has their own. Jason was in his car early that night, shortly after 9 pm. The theory is Jason went to Nicole's condo, got into a fight with her, went to his car for the knives and murdered her and Ron Goldman, who stopped by to return Nicole's mother's glasses.

It always seemed to me that the murderer(s) had to be in a frenzy. He almost beheaded Nicole Simpson and stabbed Ron Goldman to death. The crime scene showed how tattered and knife-cut Goldman's clothing was.

I wondered why OJ and Kato went to the fast food place earlier that nght. There was a rumor that OJ went there to get drugs. Now if he had taken methamphetamine, I could see him as the murderer. But cops only found some marijuiana in his system. He and Kato swore they went there for the food only.

Then there's the mysterious sock issue. When they shot a video of his home, there was no black sock on his bedroom floor. Then it was "found." But the sock contained traces of EDTA, which is used in processing evidence in the lab. How did it get into Simpson's sock?

And I always thought the killer would be coverd in blood. Dr. Lee said, "Something wrong" about the blood splatter evidence.

There was a man's size 12 footprint at the scene. OJ wears size 12. To me this only means one thing: He happened upon the scene. I believe Jason called OJ and told him what he did. OJ went over to Nicole's house and saw the dead bodies and quickly returned to his house. A limo was scheduled to pick him up. He showered and dressed and packed his bag to go to Chicago.

The jury acquitted Simpson at his trial. His son Jason was said to be laying on the floor of the court room in a fetal position. He had a note from OJ exressing gratitude to all and OJ asked him to read it to the press. Jason was the only family member who seemed angered when the acquittal was announced. He read OJ's letter in an odd, nasty manner. What was that all about? William Dear published a photo in his book of OJ's family looking upwards and praising God at the verdict. All except Jason. A picture is worth a thousand words. What price fame?

His trouble in Las Vegas came at a time he was selling a book "If I Did It." With the arrogance of this about a double murder and his approaching the press for the first time, near the chapel where he was to be best man. All the while OJ conversed with someone at the door of the chapel and kept sneaking glances at the cameras. In the background a woman was yelling, "You murderer. Justice for Ron, justice for Nicole." OJ was unfazed. The Groom, by the way, looked to me like an ex-con. This is conjecture on my part. But he looked like he'd seen the inside of a jail.

Anyway, the gods turned against OJ. I think most people know if it was someone else, he'd only get a slap on the wrist. Murderers are set free after a year or so it seems. This trial in Las Vegas was unfair. I understand Simpson's lawyer and the D.A. read their statements whether to overturn the conviction of OJ Simpson because he didn't get a fair trial. Also, the other men who were involved -- they turned against OJ to save their own necks. The authorities wanted OJ Simpson. Quite a coup.

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