Friday, July 16, 2010

Re-Watching the latest Housewives of NJ

What I saw going on on that show was a disgrace.  Teresa waited outside the Ladies Room for Danielle to come out of the bathroom.  And provoked her into a fight.  The fight became Teresa calling her a bitch and a coke whore.  Then Teresa got up from her seat and did a rapper's dance, all the while taunting Danielle.  "I saw the house you lived in in Paterson," Danielle said.  Teresa responded, "Now I'm living in a $5 Million mansion."  Danielle said, "But it's in foreclosure."  Jacqueline got into the act.  They were all running through the restaurant.  Jacqueline yells, "I read your court records, Danielle.  You hit someone with a 9mm gun." 

There were so many people witnessing this.  Danielle managed to get out of the restaurant and hid in an alcove outside, hysterically crying.  Teresa yelled, "Where's that Bitch?" as she ran after Danielle.  When her bodyguards were getting a hold of her to get her into her car safely, Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, pulled hard on Danielles hair, actually pulling one of the extensions out.  This is assault.  I have already read that Ashley was convicted of assault.  That's all I know.

Chasing the woman through the restaurant out into the parking lot, glass breaking, was like high school girls.  Danielle said when Teresa said "Hello" she was starting something.  I agree.  All of her past is behind her.  She paid her debt to society.  At a young age she made mistakes, got onto drugs and got involved with a big time drug lord.  She came out of all that.  She has 2 wonderful daughters.  Do Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline realize they are harming 2 innocent kids?  What is happening in their schools?  Are they going to be antagonized because of what is being perpetrated on their mother?

The only thing I like about Teresa now is that melodic squeal she emits when she is happy.  Gia, her daughter, has the same quality too.  Teresa is raising 4 girls.  Is this what she's teaching them?  This behavior?  When Teresa was home with her husband one night, she finally told him what happened.  Later she said, "Joe's glad he has a tough wife."  Also, Teresa planted herself in front of Danielle's car.  "I want to speak to the bitch.  They'll have to run me over first if they want to take off."

Then Jacqueline stood guard in front of the car.  Talk about an ambush.  Teresa was inside the restaurat talking to the polce ... "Why do you want to speak to me?"..."What report"?  Maybe reality set in.  They were going to court.

Leave this woman alone.  All she wanted was to be friends with you.  So don't hold your heads up so high, thinking you're superior and guilt free.

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