Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jerry Lewis and His Youngest Son Joseph

Shortly after the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. telethon was finished last year (2009), a news report said Jerry Lewis' son, Joseph was dead.  Nothing more was ever said about Joseph's death. Somebody squelched it.  He died as a result of a narcotics (heroin?) overdose.  On purpose?  We'll never know.  Joseph and his father were estranged for years.  Gary Lewis, the oldest son, hadn't seen Joseph in 10 years.  Gary came out and said Joseph died because he was so abused by his father.  Gary called his father, Jerry Lewis, a mean, unfeeling man.

Around the same time, a woman came forward, Suzan "Lewis."  She claimed to be the daughter of Jerry Lewis.  Gary went out and took a blood test with this woman.  Guess what.  The tests proved she was Jerry's daughter.  I don't think Jerry ever acknowledged her publicly.  But she spent time with him every few years or so.  Gary said all Jerry cares about is his image and his career.  I guess Gary won't appear on the telethon this year.

Why was Jerry so abusive to his sons and first wife?  I'd really like to know -- an explanation or a psychiatric diagnosis?  So, with his multi-million dollar show on the air Saturday nights, Jerry threw a big party, the theme of which was "Think Pink."  Patty, his first wife, was very noticeably pregnant.  The child would be born soon.  So right before she gave birth, he asks all these celebrities to get Patty in the mood for a daughter.  She had already given birth to 5 sons.  Jerry wanted a girl.

Jerry's show was cancelled.  President Kennedy was assassinated.  And Patty gave birth to a son, Joseph.  I'm sure the disappointment was evident.  Patty failed again.  What's with Jerry?

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  1. Recently saw him in person performing at Az State Fair. He's funny, but he's a "mean" funny.