Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Episode Everyone Was Waiting For

When The Housewives of NJ first came on Bravo, I thought Teresa was the nicest. She spends a fortune, buying her 3 (and now 4) little girls clothing, as she said in one episode 3 times a week.

The Guidices have filed for bankruptcy, this was in the newspapers, and that they owed 11 million dollars, mostly Real Estate deals gone wrong because of the economy.

Anyway, Teresa was my favorite on that show. She has a voice that rises to a squeek. Yes, I liked her until last night. In my opinion, she started the fight with Danielle. She waited for Danielle to come out of the Ladies Room. Danielle had a small entourage, but it didn't matter. Ashley, Jacqueline's daughter, managed to pull hair and extensions from Danielle's scalp. She said she thought Danielle had slapped her mother, Jacqueline, which she didn't. The heel of one of Danielle's high-heeled boots broke as she was trying to get away from these women. Teresa, with her chinchilla shrug, chased Danielle out of the restaurant that was hosting Kim D's fashion show. Ashley walked the runway with 3 outfits. Danielle pretended to be on her cell phone a la Paris Hilton. Ashley had written nasty things about Danielle on Facebook and sent nasty text messages to Danielle.

You could hear glass shattering as these women and Danielle and her entourage ran through the restaurant. I never saw such a childish and mean incident. Teresa started the whole thing with Danielle who just wanted to leave the restaurant. When the fight started, Danielle apparently said Teresa's house was in foreclosure, which Teresa denied and then commenced the chasing stunt. Everyone knows that the Guidices filed for bankruptcy. So Danielle did not let out a secret. This wouldn't have happened if Teresa wasn't hellbent on starting something. All Spring Danielle had to endure the TV commercial where Teresa is flipping the table and calling Danielle, "prostitution, whore," so maybe Teresa liked the limelight and wanted more. If Teresa would have just gone home after the fashion show instead of stalking Danielle. She was up to no good and was laughing that Danielle was afraid of her.

Danielle will be filing charges against Ashley. I've already heard Ashley was convicted of assault. Good. The whole incident was ridiculous. Danielle is truly afraid of these gals. When will they leave her alone? And if she has mental problems, why antagonize her? Next week Danielle will be taking a self-defense course.

Also seeing Jacqueline this season saying nasty things about Danielle was hard to take. I don't understand what happened beween them. It seems so two-faced and makes me dislike Jacqueline.

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