Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This past week, Lenny Bloom, analysed the upcoming election.  He believes that Obama's birth certificate was kept from the public, as a way of making it easier for another candidate to run, this one a Republican, and that's Arnold  Schwarzenagger.  Schwarzenegger was born in Germany, his father an SS Officer.  Arnold's birth certificate is German.  He wasn't born here.  Everyone knows it.  There are people who, dealing with Obama, don't care anymore about the rule that says you must be born in the US to be its President.  So Schwartenegger, will possibly become a candidate.Today Arnold and his wife announced that they have separated.  Maybe she remembers she's a Kennedy.  She looks to me like a very sick woman.  I believe she has Addison's disease.  (I have no proof.)  Her mother, Eunice, dealt with Addison's all her life and lived a good, long, productive life.  President Kennedy suffered from Addison's too.  If you can believe any of the autopsy findings, the President's adrenals were completely atrophied.  I don't think Maria could handle being first lady if she is ill.  Of course, we don't know what's happening yet.  Will Republicans put Arnold on the ticket?  I'm all for Trump.

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