Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Princess Diana, one of many conspiracy theories

Here is a curious excerpt from a website called londonnet concerning Princess Diana.


"Upon viewing the respective funerals of Di and Mother Theresa, I couldn't help but notice how easy it was to see Mother Theresa lying in state in that big glass box compared to the closed casket of Di.

Dodi's casket was never even seen, let alone open at a funeral. And Jean-Paul's casket was closed too.

Of course, naysayers will argue that their faces were too badly damaged for open casket viewing but we're also told that Diana was uttering some final words. Thus her face was in good enough condition to speak a little and therefore repairable by a good mortician."

This is a photo of her in the car. It is said she looked as beautiful in death as she did at life. People are very curious about Princess Diana and how she died.

Someone asked: "Basically, has ANYONE seen ANY "dead bodies"? Anyone at all? Of ANY dead body from the car? Is there REALLY a religious reason for Dodi to have been buried right away? Is anyone up to checking the graves for bodies? Kennedy's brain was said to have been missing. Elvis's body was apparently moved from it's original site. Has anyone other than French doctors confirmed the death of Di? There's a mathemetician who's recently written a book "OJ Didn't Do It"... he advertises on a web site findable via Infoseek and the phrase "OJ didn't do it". His reasoning is wonderful. I wonder if he's ready to tackle the Di mystery."

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