Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Trials

I'm holding my breath.  No one's going to like this, but I think Michael Skakel is innocent.  The link to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s vivid portrait of the night Martha Moxley died shows authorities did not investigate other suspects, namely the "baby-sitter" for the Skakel's is in the post below.  And the other suspects: a group of boys who got into the closed community through the woods.  They were there that night and at least one time before.

I also call for another trial for O.J. Simpson.  He was acquitted of the murder charges.  No other suspects were looked into: drug dealers or O.J.'s oldest son.

A book by William Dear called, O.J. Is Guilty, but Not of Murder describes O.J.'s son as having an intermittent rage disorder.  He's a chef.  He had his knives with him.  No chef leaves his knives at the restaurant.  He was never looked at.  I think he should come forward like a man and admit his guilt.  He was the only one in the family who wasn't elated when O.J. got off.  A report said that at at one point, the son was in a fetal position on the floor and couldn't be seen.  After the acquittal O.J. gave him a message to read to the public.  The look on this young man's face told viewers he wasn't too happy.  Very puzzling.

The charges O.J. is dealing with are nothing more than judicial revenge.  I found that judge very arrogant  -- the woman who put away Simpson.  Now she's having a TV show with herself as the judge.  A reward?  And I hated the way she explained the jury's job.  Real fast and impossible to decipher.  Shouldn't she be held accountable for that?  I couldn't understand her.  She's a show off. Anyone else who participated in this fight amongst "boys" would get a slap on the wrist.  This is not justice; it's a lynch mob.  Simpson should have a fairer trial.  Do you agree?  Click on "comments."

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