Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tapes Reveal New Marilyn Monroe Accounts of Her Last Night

Marilyn Monroe had a hair and make-up stylist named George Masters.  He was blond and strikingly handsome.  She needed his skills so she stuck with him and vice versa.  He called her the "coldest" woman on earth.  She wanted him to dye his hair a dark color  -- because his blond hair was close to her own color and people thought he was her brother; he was taking too much attention from her.  Together they traveled together.  She spent her last night with Sam Giancana at the Cal-Neva Lodge.  This is the first time the public is hearing about this.  George Master's nephew taped conversations with him about the various celebs he'd groomed.  One particular story was a startling one about Monroe's last night.

She and George traveled in Frank Sinatra's plane headed for the Cal-Neva Lodge.  Buddy Greco was there, as was Giancana.  George Masters goes on to say that Giancana was trying to get her to keep  silent about...Kennedy!  That night they flew home.  That was the last time Masters would see her.  He claims she was killed with an enema filled with nembutal, a drug she currently took.  She earlier self-administered a therapeutic dosage of chloral hydrate, a prescription from another doctor.  One hand didn't know what the other hand was doing.  For the record, they found no alcohol in her system.  Masters believed the FBI killed Marilyn Monroe.  They wanted to shame the Kennedys and ruin their political careers.  Peter Lawford and Private Detective Otash went over to Marilyn's house and cleaned it of anything pertaining to the Kennedy Brothers.


The first cop arrived after 4:30 am.  By 5:00 am the word was out that Marilyn was found dead.  The public was shocked.  The coroner's office stated her death was probable suicide.  They said her depression stemmed from her studio firing her.  And people believed it.  What also shocked some people in 1962?  That Marilyn Monroe didn't have a date on a Saturday night and supposedly died with a phone in her hand, maybe calling for help.

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