Monday, April 11, 2011

Donald Trump Gets Roasted

Two nights ago, in the middle of the night, a show came on called Comedy Central (?) with a disclaimer that it was for adults only.  They were roasting Donald Trump.  I saw things I never saw before on TV.  I'll admit most of the comedians I didn't know.  Everything was foul for the sake of being foul.  What surprised me the most was hearing-impaired, Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin, making gestures imitating -- for lack of a better phrase  -- blow jobs.  All the jokes were "dirty."  They way outdid Andrew Dice Clay.  If they can do this on TV now, they should put Andrew Dice Clay back on.  He has a "character," called the Dice Man.  I think we should give him back his career after what I saw.

One part made me laugh.  Marlee was looking for her interpreter and out came Gilbert Gottfried, as funny as usual.  The next day I was telling someone this and she couldn't believe it and I thought to myself, "Did I hallucinate this"?  In ways it was like a nightmare.  They called Trump a "douchebag."

Then he had to get up.  He said a few words and then -- in the script  -- I think he said something he wished he didn't have to.  He used the word "fucking."  This man is going to run for President!  And I'm going to vote for him.        

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