Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Lennon and the Beatles wrote a song for Brian Epstein.  It was called "Baby You're a Rich Fag Jew.  That was the exact title.  But they changed it to "Baby You're a Rich Man Too.  I don't know if this was written before or after Brian Epstein's death.  John took it very hard.  But it was his way to turn cynical about everything, especially through a song.

According to one book, Brian Epstein was in the hospital for a rest.  He was very depressed.  Maybe because the Beatles were breaking up and made few appearances.  One day a friend walked in with a huge bouquet of flowers.  Brian looked at it and read its card.  It was from John Lennon.  It read, "You know I love you.  I really do."  Epstein started sobbing uncontrollably.  He may have needed medication, but he was in the hospital to detox.  And I believe the song "You Better Hide Your Love Away" (1965) --was in fact a song John wrote about Brian Epstein.

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