Thursday, June 14, 2012

From ABC News: Children of the Famous: Cameron Douglas got 5 year sentence  (Above, Mugshot)

In 2010, Cameron Douglas, the only son of actor Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas, was sentenced to five years in prison for pleading guilty to selling bulk quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine at Manhattan's upscale Hotel Gansevoort in 2009. His father, the Oscar-winning actor, pleaded for his son to get less jail time and ultimately got his wish. In a five-page letter to the judge, Michael Douglas wrote that his son had been in and out of rehab since he was 13, and Douglas blamed his family's history of addiction as well as his own fame and that of his father Kirk Douglas for his son's difficulty in finding his own way. He added, "Cameron grew up a single child in a bad marriage."

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