Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's Next for Howewives of NJ?

I have been distracted of late and that's why I haven't been too active on
this website.  I want to respond to the Housewives of NJ's Reunion Show.  It's obvious to me that Andy Cohen hates Teresa.  Hates!  He zoomed in
on her for the most part during the 2 hour show.  Is it because her
husband used a gay slur and Andy's gay?  Or she made a crack about her Jewish friends telling her to leave her husband?  Teresa couldn't conceive of it.  That says a lot about her.  And Teresa's legal problems and money problems  -- stay out of it.  It seemed like a personal vendetta.  Andy
Cohen is Jewish.

So I saw another side of him.  Usually he's cute, upbeat, funny.  He has
big teeth, a big smile and is cock-eyed but looks good like that.

Now I want to address Caroline Manzo.  Who the hell is she to take such
an attitude to Teresa?  She thought it was a disgrace that Gia sang a song
re all the commotion going on between family members.  So what? 
When Teresa was flipping the table, Caroline was hysterically laughing.  She always found Teresa's company entertaining.  Now she says she's
been trying to get her out of her life for 2 years.

She was no friend to Teresa.  Everyone has trouble in their family.  Stay
out of it.  Possibly Teresa chasing Danielle through a country club,
pushing people and breaking glass and not caring, began to turn her off.  Teresa's language could be rough too.  And husband Joe with his guilt
about not paying his partner for half of the business.  Caroline sure
knows how to look down at people.  I think Teresa is a great mother. 
She loves her husband and her 4 daughters.  Caroline and Teresa went on trips together!

So now Caroline's friends with Teresa's in-laws and cousins but not
Teresa.  (I've noticed that Teresa gets rambunctious after a few drinks.) 

I don't know what happened with Jacqueline.  She's been going through a
bad time because of her daughter.  I think they should realize that depression is an illness.  So she goes out at night with a friend or two, but sleeps all day.  She can't hold onto a job.  She didn't do well in school.  I think they should back off of her awhile.  It's not like they're economically strapped and need her income.  Back off .  She needs to see a doctor or nurse practitioner who can try anti-depressant medication.  It's hard to forge an identity when you suffer from depression, and often the kid
doesn't let on how deep it is or what caused it.  Maybe she was rejected.  You never know.

I know she treats her mother horribly.  I think this wanting to go to California is a means to get away, escape.  Otherwise, I don't know how to fix a mother and daughter.  And she never does anything to help around
the house.

I must say, with all their money I would have thought they'd have servants.  That's not a criticism just what I thought looking at the size of those houses.  I used to live 15 minutes from Franklin Lakes.

I wonder now if there's going to be another round of The Housewives of NJ.  Jacqueline has quit and I don't think Andy Cohen wants Teresa on anymore.  He just kept bombarding her and I could see his dislike.  That might be it for Franklin Lakes and The Housewives of NJ.

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