Monday, November 28, 2011

Another beauty I want to write about here is Natalie Wood.  Tomorrow, Nov. 29, is the 30th anniversary of her death by... misadventure?  Actually, I believe she was murdered.  There was a huge fight between Natalie and her husband Robert Wagner.  Davern, the skipper on their yacht, said he never saw them fight like this.  They were in their bedroom and it sounded like they were throwing things around.  Everyone on the yacht was drunk.  Natalie had been drinking the whole day.  She also had Darvon, a pain narcotic, in her system.  Robert Wagner was plasterred.  Next, the skipper saw "R.J," and Natalie outside on the deck.  Next, he saw Natalie with her coat on.  Then, Wagner came inside and Natalie wasn't out there anymore.  Wagner said to the skipper, "I've been trying to find Natalie for a half hour.  She must have taken the dinghy and gone ashore.

This was ludicrous.  Natalie couldn't swim and feared the water.  Also the Dinghy was tied to the external wall  of the yacht.  Someone, 5'1 and weighing 90 lbs, would have a struggle to get it down, especially when drunk and angry.  The skipper suggested they turn on a large exterior light and look for her, but Wagner said no.  The skipper suggested, "We have to call for help."  RJ said no.  It wouldn't look good for his image.  And besides she'll learn a lesson."  The 2 men kept drinking.  Around 5 am, Wagner called for help and when the first help got there Wagner said, "We didn't call for help earlier because she was probably on another boat fooling around.  That's the type of girl she is."

Natalie Wood was found floating near shore in her red down coat, dead from hypothermia and drowning.  The dinghy was close by.  The ignition was turned to off.  She never made it into the dinghy.  The coat was allowing her to float, but it was preventing her from getting into the dinghy.  The authorities found fingernail impressions from Natalie holding onto the dinghy for dear life.

Robert Wagner was never charged.  The skipper relied on Wagner for his keep.  The full story didn't come out then.  But it's coming out in a new investigation.  The authorities have reopened the case.  They say Wagner isn't a suspect.  Wagner already has his lawyers.

After that experience, I would never touch another sip of alcohol for the rest of my life.  But Wagner went on drinking.  Let's see what happens.  RJ is 81 now.  He's had 30 years to think about that night.  He's felt safe.  I hope the courts do the right thing.

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