Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Karyn Kupcinet in the Nutty Professor (deleted scene)

The Nutty Professor came out in 1963.  I always had a feeling that Karyn Kupcinet was in it, but may have died before he completed the film.  Anyway, Jerry looks very sweaty and to me it's like a rehearsal. She is in the crowd that comes over to the piano.  She has short, dark hair and is very small in stature.  She's the one who puts her head on her folded arms when Jerry goofs.

Karyn died mysteriously, probably murdered, on Thanksgiving 1963.  She was not found till 3 nights later.  Irv Kupcinet, newspaperman and TV host, was her father.  She came from a very wealthy and popular family.  Her father became "Mr. Chicago."  After he died, they built a bronze statue of him on a high platform by the waterway, hand out, welcoming everyone to Chicago.  The Wabash Ave Bridge was renamed (during his lifetime) the Irv Kupcinet Bridge.

Karyn was 22 when she died.  She had an IQ of 146.  Although small, she was big-boned like her father and people like that look heavier than a small/medium-boned person.  She was addicted to methamphetamine pills, trying to keep thin.  One photographer white-outed part of her shoulders and neck.  She underwent a lot of plastic surgery.  Two days before she died, she refilled a prescription of 100 Desoxyn.  The police found the empty bottle in her bathroom cabinet.  Where did they go?  Did someone steal them?  The autopsy was botched and basically no meds showed up.

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