Friday, March 11, 2011

Richard Hatch has been ordered back to jail, although he'll miss at least the last show, where everyone is reunited. He has to return to prison this Monday March 14, 2011. He was also told he was under supervision and should not have been in the game show, Celebrity Apprentice.

I guess what goes around, comes around. During the men's project, a burly Richard Hatch literally pushed David Cassidy away from him twice. In the famous Board Room, David Cassidy said he wasn't small, delicate, etc., which Hatch maintained he was. Then Cassidy said he was 5'8 and 140 lbs. I have to say, he's no 5'8. He looked very small next to the other men. I would say he's 5'3.

In the limo home he said he could have punched Hatch but that's not his style. I think Hatch would have annihilated him. And that's why Trump fired Cassidy. He was small and he'd come against the men again in much the same way. Donald Trump could have fired Hatch because everyone hates him and he lost. But I think, although Cassidy has a following, Hatch is more likely to stir up trouble and there'll be more displays of emotion caused by him. Better ratings.

I have a 10 minute video of David Cassidy in a recent live performance. Enjoy.


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